• Have you ever googled “murder”? Scrolled through the images?

    When Saddam Hussein died, did you look up the video?

    I’m not saying everyone does it. But it’s normal. People have told me I’m crazy, even […]

  • In an old house in the Ozarks there lived an old woman and her dead son. Every night the old woman would make dinner and the two would dine. And every night the old woman asked her dead son, “How was your […]

  • Dec 1, 2011

    Two nights in a row now I’ve had the same dream. I wake up around 4 and there’s this boy in my room, beside my bed. He’s asking me to go play with him. But his/its eyes are completely black.

    And […]

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    Thank you everyone for the positive comments as well as the constructive criticism! I really appreciate getting feedback on my work

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    That is terrifying.

    There’s a weekly podcast I listen to called Campfire where people call in to tell their real life paranormal experiences. You can listen to it here: or sign up to tell your story here: And you totally should, cause this is a great one

  • Austin commented on the blog post No Returns 3 years ago

    I love concise storytelling. Also, I hate when cameras steal your soul.

    Cool story

  • Austin commented on the blog post One Good Turn 3 years ago

    That was a fun story. Intriguing throughout. I like your writing style

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