You Should’ve Went Home
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Pre – word : HA. You people actually thought I was quitting? I just had writer’s block. I actually have two upcoming ideas. I’ll share them after this story is done. Here’s my new story.

Val, Tye, Tiff, and Lynn are at a horror fest. They see many scary special effects, get autographs from famous horror directors, and watch sneak peeks for upcoming horror films. They are most interested in the 6-foot porcelain jester on display. The four of them plan on stealing it.

Tye: What’s the plan?

Lynn: We hide in a storage closet until everyone leaves.

Tiff: Then, we grab the jester and leave before we’re caught.

Val: Then, we sell it for hundreds to some horror geek on the internet.

The four of them hide in the closet and wait to set their plan into action.

Val: Damn, it’s dark as hell in here. What time is it?

Tiff: It’s 10:30. The horror fest ends in an hour and a half.

A news bulletin notified Tiff’s phone. Lynn read it out loud.

Lynn: In today’s news, we are here to report an escaped serial killer by the name of Ray Dublin. He is known as the chameleon because of his multiple disguises and his ability to create masks that look like human faces.
He is armed and dangerous. Ray is responsible for the past dozen murders within the last 5 years. We recommend you stay away from all strangers and head home immediately.

Val: BULLSHIT. What’s the chance that this chameleon guy is even here?

Tye: I don’t know man. You heard the news report, he can look like anybody.

Tiff: I’m not so sure I want to be here anymore.

Lynn: Come on. The prison is 69 miles from here. Don’t chicken out now.

Tiff: Okay. The fest is almost over. Let’s wait until this place is empty and then steal the doll.

Tye: Then, we drive home at full speed.


The horror fest is empty and everyone is gone. Tye looks out.

Tye: Okay. The coast is clear.

Lynn, Val, and Tiff step out. They are starting to put their plan into action.

Val: Okay everyone, split up and look for that jester. If anyone finds it, call the rest of us.

The four split into different areas of the building. Tye sees the doll and a machete in its hand.

Tye: I never noticed the machete. It must be a prop. I’ll sell it separately for more money.

Tye turns away from it and calls Val. Unbeknown to him, the jester let itself off its rack and is creeping towards him.

Tye: Val. I found it. It has a machete too. We could sell it as a prop for extra.

Val (on phone): Where are you?

Tye: By the food court.

Tye hangs up. When he turns around, he notices that the jester
is no longer. on its rack. The jester walks up to him.

Jester: Sell this for extra.

Tye: What the?

The jester slashes Tye’s throat. Tye falls lifeless. Tye is dragged away just as Val, Tiff, and Lynn arrive.

Val: Tye, where are you.

Lynn: That thief probably took the

jester to sell himself.

Tiff: Tye. Come on, stop playing.

The three hear footsteps. They turn to see a figure wearing a
bandanna holding the jester.

Val: There you are.

Lynn: Guess I was wrong.

The figure doesn’t say anything. It just walks forward and throws the jester down. Tiff walks up and notices that there is a red substance on its neck. Blood.

The mask is removed and it is Tye’s dead body. The figure rips off his bandanna, revealing him as Ray Dublin.

Ray: You should’ve went home kids. I’ll give you ’till the count of ten to get out. There won’t be eleven.

On cue, Ray, Tiff, and Lynn run.
Dublin, however throws the machete. It hits Lynn in the head.

Dublin: I lied about the ten count. You’re all dead.

Tiff runs into the ticket booth and hides behind a stack of tickets. Dublin runs past.

Val runs into the storage closet. As he’s panting, a guy in a security guards outfit walks in.

Val: Hey man. The escaped killer is here. Call the police.

However, the guy turns around. It’s Dublin with a mallet.

Dublin: Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just gonna bash your brains in. I’m gonna bash them right the fuck in.

Dublin bludgeons Val with the mallet. Tiff runs looking for help. She runs into the storage closet, only to find Val dead. Tiff calls the police and tells them what happens. Dublin grabs her and punches her to the ground.

Dublin: Time to die bitch.

Just as he raises the mallet, a bullet pierces his chest. A second one enters through his head. Dublin falls, dead.

Officer: It’s okay. He’s dead now.

Tiff is admitted to a hospital. As for the others, she refused to tell what happened and their bodies were never found.   Some say they ran off, others say that a group of drifters took them on the road. Eventually, Lynn, Val, and Tye were forgotten by all, including Tiff. Tye who? Lynn who? Val who? Never met them.

Tiff found a new group of friends and forgotten about her old ones.


Author’s note: Okay. I may get a little heat for that ending. It just felt right. Now, here are those two ideas I mentioned:

1. One too many: A doll collector learns that there is a such thing as too much of a good thing.

2. This is a test: The leader of a delinquent gang is put to an ultimate test. He must pass a series of grueling and gruesome challenges. For every challenge he passes, he is one step closer to freedom for himself and his whole gang. For every challenge he fails, he has to watch a member face a gruesome death.

Comment the title of the story I should write next.

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