You Shant Wake
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You’ve just woken up from a terrible nightmare: you were in your car when from nowhere a massive truck slammed into you, your car now coiled metal and the engine of the truck on your chest. what a terrible nightmare, you think to yourself as you get out of bed. somehow you can hear someone some distance away pleading – baby please wake up, please please wake up.

You look around feeling that everything is perfect, except that the kids are not out in the yard playing, and your husband isn’t in the garage tinkering with his car. You think to yourself that hubby probably took the kids for ice cream or something, as hubby was good like that, taking the kids on some adventure so that you can sleep in on Sundays.

As you are walking down the stairs, the voice from your dreams drones through your head – baby I need you, the kids need you, please please wake up – You shrug it off believing that it’s just random memories from your dreams.

You head towards the kitchen thinking about making breakfast when you notice that everything is quite, no sounds of the neighbors mowing their lawn, or dogs barking down the road, not even the feint sound of a car driving by. You don’t ponder too long on this, your just hungry. So you grab the pan, the eggs and other such stuff and being to happily cook breakfast

As your frying eggs and bacon your humming to yourself and then you hear it again.. that voice – baby it’s ok to let go, we love you and we’ll forever miss you, I’m sorry that it had to be this way I love you – you once again shrug it off and continue with breakfast and humming to yourself, all is calm and peaceful and you are perfectly content with that, your at peace.

you had been in a coma from a freak car accident, your family by your side and hubby pleading with you to wake up, but you don’t budge, to you your still making a happy breakfast for yourself and your family..

it’s been over two weeks, the doctors have given up, you haven’t been showing signs of brain activity, your family face the biggest most painful decision they’ll ever have to make, keep you on these tubes to never wake or to let go..

With tears in his eyes your husband signs the paperwork before him, he leans over you one last time and you hear him say – There is nothing more they can do my love, I had no choice – he leans in closer gently kisses your head and says his final good byes while the nurse disconnects the breathing tube and heart monitor..

Your perfect quiet world fades into nothing but white clouds.

The End

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