you know what i am
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You have never been more excited in your life.Today is the day you finally get to watch that new scary movie at the cinema with your friends.As you get ready, you get a eerie feeling.Something isn’t right.You look behind you and see no threat.You meet up with your friends at the cinema.The movie is horrifying to you, but you hide your fear from your friends.After the movie, you say goodbye to your friends and get into your car,looking in the rear view mirror every few minutes.As you get ready for bed,your feeling becomes an obsession.You look behind your back everywhere you go.As you get in your bed, you realize that sleep cannot calm you.You cannot deny it. I saw it.I saw you scream as I plunged the knife into your side,over and over again. I saw the way you looked at me while you took your last breath.What am I? Im the creatures in your worst nightmare. Im the things that go bump in the night. Im watching you right now. Dont bother to look for me.I am not where you look. I am seen only when i choose to be seen.I am that object you see in your dark bedroom that you try to pick out in the darkness.You think I am just one of your possesions.I am not owned.I am that flash you see at the corner of you eye that makes you turn and look.I am what your children scream and cry about,the monster in their closet.Im the reason you lock your doors.I feed on your fear.You forget about me,but I dont forget about you.You dont believe in such things?You dont have to believe in things to be afraid of them.What do I look like?I look like what your imagination chooses. I could be a creature with red eyes and a mouth slit. I could be just a hand reaching from under your bed,ready to drag you down.I could be that clown in the scary movie you watched. I could be that one doll on your shelf or on your bed,waiting for you to play with me,because I sure want to play with you.I have many stories written about me,never the same.I am never alone,for I have many friends to watch.I love to drive people insane.No one will never believe what you have seen.I am the voice in your head, laughing as you put the gun to your head.Im the thing that whispers “do it” as you point the gun at your loved ones.I am fear.I am creature. I am the paranormal.I am not evil.I am doing what I do best. Have a good day and know……im the corner of your vision….watching everything you do. Remeber that I will love you till you take that one….last…breath.

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  1. Avatar of Andreea Andreea says:

    Hm, interesting. It almost made me look behind lol. Great job ;)

  2. belinda k says:

    Liked the idea behind the story, but it’s difficult to read as one long paragraph. Next story, insert some white space to ease the reader’s eyes. And, keep writing!

    with love and respect

    belinda k

  3. velma golden says:

    I do like it, please check spelling, and some spaces and keep on writing. was scary,wanted to do the same look behind me I did,only my husband lol

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