Wolves Where?
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Jennifer Jane Leeds was running late for the blind date her “supposed” best friend had set up for her. She grabbed her coat from the back of the chair where she had thrown it the night before, then picked up her camera from the cushion of the chair with the hand she had just forced through the inside out arm of her coat. She never goes anywhere without her camera. Jen used the same hand to snag her purse off of the glass topped coffee table, while she struggled to get her other arm through the other inside out sleeve of the coat.

With the strap of the camera case clutched between her teeth Jen rummaged through her purse looking for her keys. She was on her stoop with the door slowly closing behind her when she realized she had thrown the keys on the coffee table as well. She turned around just in time to see and then hear the click of the closing door.

“Oh, that’s just great! Now what?” she blurted out as she kicked the locked door with her foot.

She turned and leaned her back against the door as she removed the camera strap from her mouth and rubbed the back of her forearm across her forehead. Her expression changed from one of utter frustration to the makings of a smile. A full blown teeth showing smile then beamed across her face as she remembered the spare key she had recently had made and placed under the loose brick on the top step.

After making it to the car and heading down the road Jen noticed a dull yellow light blinking through the bare winter trees. It was the moon.

I’ve got to get a shot of that she thought as she almost ran off the road staring at the mammoth, perfectly round disk as its stroboscopic light beamed through the passing trees. It was still low on the horizon, and Jen had to find a spot without trees fast as she knew this shot wouldn’t last much longer. She thought of the bridge on Interstate 85 over the Johnson Creek Reservoir.

“This moon over the water will make a wonderful shot,” she said excitedly out loud to herself.

The Interstate 85 on-ramp is only 2 minutes from her current location and would delay her lateness for her date by only a few minutes if she hurried. She made the turn onto Buford and there it was straight in front of her. She could see features you don’t normally notice when the moon is high and bright in the sky. It moved off to her left as she entered the curving on ramp.

The moon was in perfect position as Jen pulled her car onto the narrow shoulder of the bridge. This left her car half way out into the outside lane. The scene was breathtaking. A few small, dark purple clouds with yellowish tops reflected the last light of day underneath and the brightening moon on their tops.

As she raised the camera and began to focus the lens a low growl came from the north end of the bridge. Jen lowered the camera slightly and looked in that direction. All seemed fine. Perhaps it was the wind she thought as her eyes returned to the camera. Jen had the shot she wanted centered in the view finder when a louder growl that wasn’t the wind came from the south end of the bridge.

Jen focused the camera in that direction as the figure came around the guard rail. Being a professional, Jen started shooting. The automatic camera continued snapping off shots as long as her finger was depressing the button. She could see the beast getting larger through the view finder as she continued taking pictures. The thing walked on two legs like a man, but it looked like a big wolf. The shape of the head the large paws the long, sharp teeth.

The sound of claws clicking on pavement caught her attention from behind. As she whirled around, still taking pictures, the large teeth in the gaping maw of another beast filled the view finder.

She dropped the camera and it swung from her neck as she started to run for her car. Jen fumbled with the door handle trying desperately to open a door she had opened with ease a thousand times before. She could feel the dampness from the growling monster’s hot breath on the back of her neck when she finally flew open the car door and stepped aside to avoid her attacker. The top corner of the door caught the closest beast in the eye. It grabbed its eye and gave out an ear piercing scream-yelp-howl. Jen used the extra seconds that afforded her to squeeze past the momentarily confused creature and jump into her car.

The second wolf-like creature was smaller than the other though it was well over six feet tall; drooling from its bottom jaw and leaving slimy streaks across the wind shield as it scratched its sharp yellowed teeth across the glass.

Momentarily paralyzed by the gruesome site Jen could do nothing more than stare at the horror being kept away from her by mere millimeters of glass and plastic.

“Keys! Keys! she screamed. “Where are the keys?”

A clawed, paw-like hand broke the glass on the driver’s side of the car and grasped Jen by the throat. Blood splashed the inside of the windshield as the claws ripped a large gash in her neck. The larger of the two creatures pulled her convulsing body through the window of the car and began tearing at her flesh with its claws and teeth. Just as the smaller one joined in the feast headlights of an approaching car rounded the curve. Before they could be seen the two beasts jumped over the rail and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Red and blue flashing lights reflected off of the water as a line of patrol cars surrounded the grisly scene. A detective used his gloved hand to pick up the bloody camera and place it in a plastic bag.

“Get this to the lab,” he told one of the officers standing by.

The detective arrived at the lab hoping the camera would yield some clue of whom or what had attacked the young lady.

“I’m sorry, Sir. The film in the camera must have been somehow compromised and all the pictures were blank,” said the technician.

“That figures,” said the detective. I knew it couldn’t be that easy. By the way what happened to your eye? He asked.

“Oh it’s nothing. I tripped coming out of the house this morning and hit my eye on the porch rail,” he replied.

Wolves Where? By James G. Kelly

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    Ha! Great title! Sneaky ending, loved it!

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    I am so tired of saying awesome, but it is!

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