Why Write

The concept of “horror” is fascinating enough to encourage people to scribble down their own thoughts. But every writer aims to get published. At shortnscarystories.com you can achieve this aim. Step one for you is to Sign Up to submit your stories on our website. We can tell you why:

  • Get an exposure as a writer where your work will be seen and read by a global audience.
  • Receive attention from agents, the press, film makers, schools, universities and other publishers.
  • Your stories will be rated and viable feedback will be provided by other members of Short n Scary Stories.
  • If your short story is among the top rated stories on our website, then it can be a part of a book of scary short stories which will be published by us.

Develop your ideas and write it down. Make sure your story is intriguing enough with the scary factor intact. You may choose among our top categories as a sub genre for your scary story or let your imagination run wild and we will categorize your story for you. Your aim should be to attract more readers which will make it easier for you to get a top rank.

Publish and share! Promote your story and help it become popular to get the highest rating.