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It all started when taxi driver called Max was on his night duty. He just finished his second customer and he decided to take a spin around town. It was a boring night. It seemed that no one else was there. It looked like he was driving around ghost town.

While he was driving the rain started to fall. then few minutes after he saw and old woman

who was just standing in the rain.

“May I help you” asked driver

” yes, please! Can you take me to local cemetery” she replied.

He looked at her but he saw that she was serious so he took her there. When they got to cemetery she just run out.

He wasnt beliving in paranormal so he just ignored it and he logicly thought that it was a real woman who wanted to visit someones grave. Perhap her husbands. He continued with his job till the next day.

At the very same spot he again saw her. But now it wasnt raining. Still he asked her if she needs help again.

She looked him deep in his eyes and again requsted if she can go to the cemetey.

Max didnt creep out he said “hop in!” and she took her again but this time curiosity was a bigger.

Next day he passed the same spot on purpose and agin it was her with same requst. Max took her to the cemetery and now he was determinated to find out something about her.

He collected all of the newspaper and searched all internet and in one newspaper she found something.

Mariah …. has died in car accident on 6/6/2006.

That day he saw her again.

Max drove her to cemetery and asked.

,,Are you Mariah?”

She smiled and said no she is in hell but her body is still on service.

Max stood still and asked “Who are you?”

She replied “look for your self!”

Rain started falling and in the mirror he saw horns growing out of her and she was turning black and red. Her claws were growing and her eyes were getting darker.

That night the rain was falling and they were near cemetery so no one could here screams for help or were they screams of pain.

Next day Max wasnt found. He didnt show up to work. He was lost. All they foung was a dead body of some old lady in the car. Police thought that Max killed her for money and then he run away. But some say that they can see Max standing in the rain. They say it was Max but we know that its just his body standing and waiting. It is his body turned into a puppet disguise wore buy the devil himself.

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  1. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    Story has potential. Spelling a little shaky, grammar a little shaky. Run story through Microsoft grammar and spell checker, or Word Perfect grammar and spell checker. I run my stories though both. Thank you and good luck. :)

  2. Riju says:

    This plot-device has been over exploited, and hence the ending seemed a little contrived. I would recommend you towards Reggie Oliver’s story “Mmm-Delicious”, as a more terrifying version.

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