Vampires Exist
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It was a cold,rainy,sunless day as Lavender walked through puddles of water in her black Hello Kitty boots. She was in a hurry to get to her third period class, which she was dreading as she had remembered she failed to complete her homework from the previous night, and she was very aware about how strict her teacher Mr.Spindle was.”Well here goes another lecture,”she said to herself upon arriving to class, and settling into an empty desk in the back of the classroom. Kids were laughing and throwing things around as usual, but the only thing that appeared to be different was that her teacher was not sitting at his desk inhaling chocolate bars, and his desk was awfully spotless which was really not like him, Lavender thought. Yes!!! maybe he is out today, and her suspicions were soon confirmed as in stepped a tall man with dark, chocolate brown hair.

He appeared to be in his mid- twenties, and in Lavender’s opinion looked like he could be a rockstar, except for the fact that his skin was as white as the petals of a lily. He walked towards the front of the classroom in a graceful manner, almost as if he was floating. This struck lavender as being odd. “He is cute,”she heard a couple of girls sitting left of her murmur. “Hello Students,”he said not hearing them or perhaps ignoring them. “Your teacher is out due to……a sudden illness lets say, and since I am the only one the district could find with a masters in English, I will be teaching you for the next couple of days, maybe weeks depending on if his condition worsens. Lavender noticed that he was holding back a smile, but what was so funny about the teachers sickness? He continued, I am going to teach you about vampirism,and how many authors from the 18th century actually were immortal vampires.”THUD! Lavender’s binder hit the floor. She quickly picked it up, and as she did so she noticed dark brown eyes staring intently at her. The eyes were oddly rimmed with red as if they lacked a good nights sleep, and bright against the translucent skin. Lavender could feel her face heat up, not only because he was strangely cute, but also because he was staring right at her. Geez, what’s his problem? Thought Lavender. Who would soon find out his problem was a major one! Just then the bell rang excusing them to their next period, which was lunch. She quickly packed her binder into her backpack, and hurried out the door through the crowded,gloomy hall.

Lunchtime passed by like a blur, as well as the rest of her classes. By the end of school, she totally forgot about her third period, and her weird feeling about her teacher. Although, what she did remember was that she had to stay after for tutoring. So as the last bell dismissed her, she pulled back her damp(from the rainy day)dark brown hair and headed to the G building where tutoring usually took place.To her surprise the classroom was completely dark. Actually, she realized the whole school seemed to be as dark as a tomb, the only thing she could distinguish was a tall, thin figure floating quickly towards her.Then all of the sudden in the blink of an eye it just vanished into thin air.Horror stricken, Lavender turned the other way in an attempt to run, but as she did so standing in front of her was a creature with long pointed yellow fangs. She then recognized him as the substitute from earlier. “Hellllllo Laaaaavender”, he grunted, his breath wreaked of death. I’m quite thirsty, and I can smell your gushy blood juice.You don’t mind if me and my friends have a sip do you? your teacher sure didn’t mind”.

The last thing Lavender heard that night was a flutter of wings, then out of the dark trees came a swarm of bats, that lowered in on her. AHHHHH! Her high pitched screams echoed through the night, As the vampires feasted on her blood like a raw chicken. When they were done with her, they flew off through the dusk sky, for they were full for the night. But we all know that wouldn’t last long.

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