Undying Madness
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I was awakened by the cold cement against my equally cold face. My eyes slowly peeled open, but the brightness of the lamp that was missing the shade forced them back shut. As I turned my head to avoid the light when my eyes opened again, I wished they had not. The dark figure I then saw was enough to make me shudder and turn back towards the blinding light.
Slowly I returned my gaze to the figure, as his gaze would return to me. The crimson red stain flowing from the bottom of his eye socket, dripping down each cheek and meeting his chin in unison seemed a bit off. The eyes were dark, almost black, and appeared to be empty. Odd thing is, there was no sign the eyes ever bled.
That is more than I could say for the rest of his face. When I tilted my head to the side, oddly enough he did the same. The burn on the now exposed half of his face made my own face cringe in pain. It appeared as if his flesh had been cooked off the skull. The dark eye that I gazed into before was now half exposed, and despite the fact it seemed to be there for a while, the blisters and blood that had risen on the scabbed skin seemed to scream out their own pain when I looked at each exposed nerve. My own face tingled, and as my hand lifted to touch it, so did his own reach to touch the very face that made my own hurt. This took me by surprise and caused me to freeze in place. Oddly, as if in one motion, he did the same.
I slowly worked up the nerve, or perhaps it was the fact I was still woozy, and reached for him. His hand would reach, and meet mine. The hand felt cold, and regardless of the blood stains and torn flesh upon his busted palm, it was still smooth as if it were made of glass. This glass would soon crack, slowly from his hand as my own backed away. The crack would grow, spreading through the rest of his body. Even the background behind him would do so, but it would go unnoticed as I gazed into those cold dark eyes, almost hearing the screams from within his cold dark soul as that same crimson trail underneath them started to flow to life. The dark droplets would run into each crack, and seem to flow from them and onto the floor, until a thunderous crash would send the man and his entire world into a bloody, glass filled explosion. I fell back, only to feel my pillow beneath my head as I looked up into the ceiling of my room.
This is the story I told as I laid upon the couch. Dr. Wilson had listened, but I wondered if he had any clue what I spoke of. A darker voice in my conscious told me he did not. “He will label you, dismiss you and leave you with no answers, and no money.” The ranting, insults, put downs, and pessimistic attitude of this voice caused me to miss out on the opposite tone coming from Dr. Wilson. Though his words fell on deaf ears, I simply nodded and walked off with a slight handshake. I knew I would go through roughly the same waste of time the next day. This still was better than where I would be sent to otherwise.
The sun was far too bright for such a cold day as I opened the double glass doors and stepped onto the smoothly paved sidewalk next to this skyscraper of a building. I was thankful the office was on the first floor, though the thought of walking my way up, to what seemed like miles above the rest of the world, was appealing. As I turned away from the building, a loud horn from a nearby car caught my attention. I looked to the group of young adults hanging from the topless convertible as they called out to a young girl in a sundress on my side of the street. Why was she in a sundress? It was too cold for that.
The longer I stayed, the less of the sun I saw. Soon it was as if night had fallen on the street in a sudden shift, or perhaps a dark cloud had passed over the sun. Either way, I watched for some reason, and slowly my head tilted as I noticed their tires were flat. Every tire on the car, and it seemed as if it were unnoticed. The driver got out to check the tires as the rest chatted to themselves.
Traffic seemed to die, as this town was rather ghostly at this time of day. The driver dipped down on the side of the car, out of my sight. I assumed he was checking the cause of the flattened tires. The girl in the passenger seat gave me a glare, and rolled her eyes. From the expression she gave, and the way she laughed to her friends, I could tell she was having a laugh at my expense. The funny part to me was, she knew nothing of me. The voice inside usually would have poured from my mouth and shouted a direct insult to her, but oddly enough he was quiet. Too quiet. The quiet was broken by a blood curling scream from the young girl in the back seat. The guy beside her looked to the side of the car, as if he saw a ghost, and stumbled back, falling right out of his side of the car. I laughed slightly as the girl who had mocked me added her own scream. I walked over expecting to see a wild animal of some sort, as they were common in these parts. Most likely an angry opossum or a snake that had been disturbed. These city-dwelling brats would not know how to handle such a thing. Still I did not want to see the poor animal be killed by some punk who did not understand it.
Slowly I made my way over to the side of the car. Their voices seemed to tune out as I got closer instead of growing louder. I never did hear a word said by either of them, nor did I find the animal I was looking for. What I did find, caused my breath to leap from my lungs and my heart to race as if a thousand scared hearts were pounding in my chest at the same time. The driver was lying face up on the sidewalk. The shirt he wore had be torn in half to expose his chest and stomach, which were all covered in blood. The sidewalk underneath his body was soaked in a crimson puddle that flowed from the body of the man.
As I stepped closer, as if a buzzard drawn to a corpse, I noticed the source of the blood. A gash from the man’s neck spread from one ear to the other. The eyes were so wide; it was apparent he never saw his death until it happened. I looked around, wondering what could have caused this cut. Was it self-inflicted? Did he have a nasty accident while working on the car? My only answer was a dark, sinister laugh. The laugh continued endlessly, that is, until a young female collided into my own body. The sun shined once again, as I watched the car drive off, the driver laughing at me as he sped off.
“Excuse me, I am so sorry.” That was what the quite voice of the female I collided with said when I finally snapped from my trance, still disturbed by the graphic image I had been shown before. Why does he toy with my mind at such random times? Anyhow, I then knelt to pick up the papers she had dropped and help her. At that same time, she too leaned down, causing our heads to bump slightly as we both fell back on our backsides and laughed a little. I gave her a slight smile as I gathered myself, and her papers, and watched her do the same. I hardly felt the bump on my head, having taken much harder hits in the past.
We made small talk, and she spoke of the group in the car. Turns out they were not friends of hers at all. No, they were the type who ran among town as if they owned it. Rich, spoiled, snotty little brats who needed the beating they never got as a child. If I were one to judge a book by its cover, I would have said she fit right in with them. Long blonde hair, that was well taken care of, flowed behind a face that was painted with care. Sky blue orbs peered behind her dark purple eye shadow as her ruby red lips formed a smile. However, something about her caused her to stand apart from such a group, and that must have been why she was not one of them.
We talked for a bit longer, as if we knew each other already. We carried on quite a conversation as we walked the same direction. I never was one to socialize, but she made it seem a bit easy to do so. I never did get her name as a fork in the road sent us on our separate ways. I turned back to call out to her in hopes to ask for it, but when I turned, nothing was there. Only darkness, as I had seen before. I could hear the twisted laugh that had haunted me many times in the past. I quickly turned and ran in the direction of my home, as if that were any safer.
Once I was home, I rushed in through the old wooden door and ran into my roommate. He had his girlfriend sitting on the counter beside him, as usual, and they were snacking on the very lunch meat I had set aside for a sandwich. He saw me eye the meat in his hand and laughed, and mockingly said, “I am sorry, was this yours?” I gave no answer back, but I did not need to. The voice within spoke out for me. “No, I am going to eat the cooked fat of your girlfriend when she fills up on it, just as I had planned to do to your mother as well you ungrateful swine!” I could hear the voice coming out of me, toneless yet twisted. Heartless and with little tone whatsoever. They both gave me a look of shock, as he slammed down his plate and stepped towards me. The shock turned to anger as he shouted unheard words, bringing his fist up to strike me in the face, landing a hit right between my eyes.

Darkness followed, as I assumed the punch laid me out. After all, he weighed as much as two of me and then some. He was a football player all through high school, until he dropped out and ran off with his trashy girlfriend. The girl had been a cheerleader at the time, but time had taken its toll on her. After she had her first kid, she gained about forty pounds. After she had the other two, she tacked on another ten or twenty. This however seemed unnoticed by her as she still tried to squeeze herself into her old high school clothing.
That was not what made her repulsive, what made my insides curl was when she bragged on how she left her three kids at a church in West Virginia. No one knew she had taken them there. The oldest was only three years old, the other two hardly even a year. She had left them there without even looking back. It was the best thing that could have happened for the kids however, being raised now by a church full of love, rather than a mom full of much worse things. The mere fact he was dating her, even if he did cheat on her every other night, showed much of how his character was.
I sat up after some time on the floor. There was blood on my hands when I pushed against them to rise to my feet. I rubbed my eyes with my shirt and looked around. The door was still open. The lunch meat was still on the counter laying in the plate, the same amount remaining that had before. This alarmed me a little. Even if they had run off for some reason, one of them would have grabbed the food. They must have left in a hurry. I thought to myself, “Maybe they freaked out when I hit the floor.” I laughed, knowing that would not have scared them off. That would have involved them caring. I turned to head to the sink, looking to wash myself off a bit. I almost hit the floor again as I stumbled over something on the floor. I looked down and my stomach turned inside out. I found out where they went off to in such a hurry.
Her face was misleadingly beautiful for such a rotten woman. Well, it was before now. Now, her face was lacking skin as I could hear a voice in my head laughing loudly. The voice spoke in the same dark, emotionless tone I had learned to fear. “She never looked better.” I looked to the weapon of choice beside her. There laid a small paring knife. The blade was smaller, yet sharper than any in the kitchen. It was coated crimson red as it lay in a pool of the same color beside it, which was flowing from her body and gathering against the counter beside her corpse. An image entered my mind, and oddly it was as if I were remembering it from the past.
Her screams filled my ears as the small knife entered her stomach. My eyes scanned her body now as I flashed back to the present long enough to see that this memory was real. Her stomach had been gutted from her waistline to her chest. There was not much left inside her as it appeared a zombie had taken her insides out in a mad feeding frenzy. I found those insides in the sink when I turned back, as the memory returned to me. She had passed out by now, from lack of blood or from the pain perhaps. As her body hit the floor, I could see her face being cut into, and peeling back as if it were a Christmas gift being torn into.
I rushed to the bathroom in a panic. What had I done? Sure, she was horrible…but no one deserved that. I looked in the mirror to see that my hands matched the color covering the rest of my body. There was enough blood there to run my own blood drive. I had to get this off me, right now. I’d figure out what to do with the body later. I flung open the shower curtain, only to find myself falling back against the bathroom wall in pure shock.
I stared with wide eyes at the scene in the bathroom, as again that laughter rang through my head. “I hope you like it…he will be hanging around for a while!” The voice said, which was one sick joke considering what the body was doing. My roommate hung from a tie by the showerhead. How it managed to hold the weight of the body was beyond me, but it may have been because his lower half was missing. His torso was still wearing the same shirt he had. His eyes were wide open and his tongue was hanging from his mouth, as if he had been alive when he was hung in the shower. Turning my head slightly away from what I was seeing, I followed the trail of his insides that led me to his other half.
I quickly knelt next to the toilet bowl and hung my head over it as I began to vomit. My mind was panicked now, between the sounds of that laughter, I knew that I was in a world of trouble. I was not so much worried about the loss of these two, whom I hated to start with, but how was I going to cover this up? There was no way this could be written off as self-defense. I can’t even remember doing it, but that will either get me put right in jail or thrown into a strait jacket. Maybe that’s what I needed…maybe that would keep me from doing this again.
I quickly grabbed some clean clothes, washing myself off as best I could in that bathroom sink, shutting the shower curtain to try to block out what was in there. Once I was presentable, I rushed out of the door. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me now, but there was no way I’d step foot back in that house again. I ran now, trying to get away as fast as I could. I was heading towards the police station now. I had to turn myself in. As I rounded the corner, I ran right into the blonde that I had seen earlier.
Normally this would make me smile. The chances of running into her like that twice without meaning to, it was amusing. On any other circumstances, it would have made me laugh, but right now my heart fell out of my chest. “Excuse me…I am so sorry but I need to go.” I said, but she smiled at me. “I know.” I stopped and looked at her. “You…know?” She smiled and took my hand. “Come with me.” I was too stunned to even speak at that point. What did she know? Had she seen what I had done? If she did, why was she so calm about it?
As she led me back towards my house, I knew she must know something. “No! I can’t go back in there.” I said to her as she turned and gave me another smile. “Just come with me. You will be okay.” I tried to resist, but her grip was too tight. Never had I thought a girl her size could ever outpower a man of mine, but she did. She drug me by the hand, keeping that strange smile, right back into that hell house I rushed out of. “I only stopped in to ask your name. All I wanted was to get to know you.” She said as she drug me right past the body in the kitchen. “What do you mean? You were here? Please just let me go, I will turn myself in.” I pleaded, but it did no good.
As we entered the bedroom, my hand was released and the door was slammed shut. How she slammed that door shut so quickly while still standing beside me was beyond me. She must have pulled it on the way in. “In my hand, is your way out of this.” She said as I looked to her. “But your hands are empty…” She shook her head. “In my hand, is your way out of this.” She repeated that, as if I had missed something. I suppose I did, but then she pointed to the bed.
I looked at the bed, as the sheets appeared to be hiding something under them. No…no way there was more. After what I had seen in this house, I was not about to move those sheets. “In my hand, is your way out of this.” She said as I slowly made my way to the bed. I reached my hand out, against my own will and all that was within me, and grabbed the sheets. I could feel a lump underneath them, as I closed my eyes and jerked them back. The echo of her voice repeating the same line, over and over, filled my head as I looked down to see what was under the sheets.
I could not believe my own eyes as I looked at the body in the bed. There was blood on the sheets underneath the ones on top…and as I glanced to the wall, it too was covered in red. That was not what shocked me…but it was who was lying there. With a hole in both sides of her skull, there lay that beautiful girl in the sun dress. She was laying on her back, her eyes still open as she looked up with a blank expression. I jerked my head back to the girl who took me in, but no one was there. The door was still shut…yet she was gone.
My mind could not wrap around what was happening, but all I heard was that voice. “In my hand, is your way out of this.” I looked to her hand. The left one was empty, but the right one held a gun. Had she killed herself after what she saw? I reached out to take the gun from her hand, as I got a closer look. This gun…it was mine! I ripped open the dresser drawer, and it was empty. Had I done this, and made it look like a suicide? I heard laughter, then a voice in my head. “Put the gun back in her hand and run. They will call it a murder-suicide.” I paused, but that last word kept going in my head. “Suicide…suicide…suicide…” It continued going on, until finally I put the gun to my head and put an end to all those voices…and found my way out of this.

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