Theres something wrong with my husband
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I’ve been married to my husband Bruce for four years and we are Best friends, we have always gotten along with each other and rarely ever fought. We have two kids, one girl named Lauren who is 14 and another girl named Valerie who is 10 years old. We’ve been in the same house for 3 1/2 years and never thought about moving. I got home one day with great news, I’ve had the same job for 10 years and just got a promotion. My husband was still at work so I waited for Lauren and Valerie to come home since school just ended. I told Lauren first because it would be easier for her to understand than Valerie. “That’s great news mom!” Lauren cheered.
“I know, took them long enough to see my full potential.” I laughed and walked into the kitchen until my last step almost went through the door. “What the?” The floorboard was breaking. “Lauren, can you please come over here?”
“Yeah what’s up?”
“Can you get the hammer please?”
Lauren handed the hammer to me and watched me pry open the floorboard. It was opening up until this waft of terrible odor came up. It was so gross and Lauren was coughing. “Mom! eww, gross what is that?!”
“I don’t know! Go get the flashlight, there’s probably a couple dead animals down here.”
I grabbed the flashlight from her and looked through a small hole in the floor. I couldn’t see anything except bags so I called an exterminator to come, luckily for us, he came over right away. He opened up the floor a lot more and I saw the most disturbing thing ever. Those bags were actually body bags. The exterminator was horrified and that’s when he asked what my husband’s name was.

“Are you serious? My husband is not capable of this!” But I told him his name anyway and he took this information to the police for me. My husband came home after the exterminator and I took out the bodies and hid the smell with a lot of fabreez. The police contacted me two days later and told me that my husband was a serial killer back 4 years ago and is still occasionally doing so, they also said they’re coming over right now to arrest him. I thanked the police and hung up. Scared, I turned around to see my husband in the doorway standing there, not saying a word. We stood there staring at each other until he darted at me. I picked up the mini lamp on the desk, hit him and ran to Lauren and Valerie. I locked all of us into Laurens room away from Bruce. We called the cops to see if they left, then waited. The police will be here in 2 minutes. With Valerie asking all these questions and Lauren crying I got even more scared and started to cry too. I heard a banging sound in the house and Valerie screamed. Then I heard the police sirens go out. My anxiety was kicking in and I started to get a panic attack. There were bangings on the door with someone yelling. “It’s okay we got him!” I slowly walked to the door and opened it. The police breathing hard and had a scared expression on his face. “You didn’t get him.. did you?” I loved him with all my heart but I knew I was going to leave him anyway after everything he did. “No ma’am I’m sorry he took off. We went into the police car to talk to some people so they could get a better understanding. I still wonder till this day Is how did I not figure out sooner that he’s a serial killer.

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