The Watching Eyes of the Cannibals
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The Watching Eyes of the Cannibals

Zach Scribner

I stepped off the plane and entered into a war zone. The air smelled of napalm and gunpowder. The water tasted of the blood and tears of the fallen. Once I got off the plane, I was startled by a deep bellowing voice from behind me.

“Hello private.” said the voice of a giant..

I quickly turned around to see a giant of a man before me. He was surely about six foot five with large arms and legs and wide at the hip, his hands and feet were of that of a grizzly.

“H-hello.” I said still shaken by the giant of a man’s booming voice.

“I’m sorry…did I startle you?” asked the giant man.

“Oh no. I’m alright.” I said with a weak chuckle.

“Well it’s nice to meet you private. People around here call me the captain.” said the captain.

“I’m guessing that is because of your rank.” I joked.

‘Wow you know you really do catch on quick private.” said the captain with a pat on my shoulder.

“So captain.” I began.

“So what.” the captain interrupted.

“So what am I supposed to be doing around here.” I asked.

The captain sighed and looked over at another private setting up tents and pointed over to him.

“Hey…you know what. You can help that good soldier over there set up tents.” said the captain.

I looked over to the soldier setting up tents and nodded in agreement.

“Okay. Thank you sir.” I said with a solute to the captain.

I made my way over to the soldier setting up tents and patted him on the shoulder to get his attention.

“Excuse me. The captain told me to help you. Is that alright with you?” I asked.

The man wiped the sweat from his brow under the intense heat of the burning sun.

“Yeah sure thing…name is kain… kain cordle.” said kain.

I nodded and smiled.

“Nice to meet ya mike…my name is Brian dowell.” I said with chuckle.

“So what should I do to help you out?” I asked.

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Brian held out a piece of the tent so the both of us could lay it over the tents foundation.

“Here…take this.” Kain said.

“So is there anything you can tell me about this place and what goes on here?” I asked.

Kain nodded his head yes.

“Yeah and if you want to hear a good horror story, I’d be willing to tell you a good one about the cannibals that live around these parts of the jungle.” said Kain

It was this moment that the horrors that I would soon find to be true began to enter my life.

“You’re messing with me aren’t you.” I said with a little bit of fear in my voice yet a little bit of interest in my tone.

“No I’m not…I swear. So do you want to hear the story or not Brian…that is if you’re not too scared.” Kain said.

I shook my head no.

“Of course not.” I said.

“Alright but just to warn you…this story is really intense.” said Kain.

“I’m ready to hear it.” I said with a bit of confidence mixed in with a touch of worry.

“Alright…so there is a legend that a tribe of cannibals that worship demon known as the pale man live in the jungle just beyond our camp. Sometimes you can even hear the screams of their victims in the night as they consume them alive.” said Kain.

“My god…do you think the legend is true.” I said.

Kain shrugged his shoulders and smiled as if unbudged by the horrific tale.

“To be honest…I have no clue if the story is true. Though when I hear those screams in the night, it seems as if somebody is being tortured. Like they are experiencing something that no one should ever go through or witness. Something awful and horrid and of torturous incarnate is the only thing that would be the result of the screams I hear.” said Kain.

I sighed.

“Well by the sounds of your tone…the legend sounds quite real to me. I just hope that they hold no pessimism towards us. Or else things could get awfully terror stricken around here.” I said.

Then there was a scream as a man covered in cuts limped into the camp.

“Help me!!!” the man screamed.

The man limped over to me and fell at my feet. I got to me knees and took him in my arms.

“Who did this to you?” I questioned.

“T-the watching eyes of the cannibals…they’re watching us even at this moment…please you have to help me…we all are in grave danger.” said the man stuttering in fear.

The man was covered in cuts all over his body and both of us trigger fingers on each hand had been cut off revealing splintered bone.

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“Please…you must listen to me. They’ll kill all of us…t-the watching eyes of the cannibals are looking upon us even at this moment.” said the Man.

Then there was the sound of feet running and pounding against the ground and the there was the sound of movement within the jungle followed the howl of the man eaters just beyond the barriers of the forest.

“The cannibals…” said the man as he grabbed a hold of my collar and looked me dead in the eyes.

“They’re…coming…for…us.” the man hissed.

Then the man passed out. The howling had ceased at this point and every man in the camp then realized the danger that we were in.

“Alright enough with the side show men. There is nothing to see here. Kain, Brian…you two take that man to the medics quarters.” said the captain.

I sighed.

“Yes sir.” said me and kain.

Me and kain then took the man to the medic and dropped him off. As me and kain were walking back to our tent as the sun went down and the night swallowed us in its darkness, I decided to strike a conversation.

“Kain.” I said.

“Yes,” Kain said.

“What do you think is going on here?” I asked.

Kain shrugged yet the smiling face that he had once displayed had darkened to a indifferent blank look.

“I don’t know.” said Kain.

“That man…do you think that he escaped from the same people that you told me about in that story.” I said.

“I think so…and that howling sound we heard coming from the jungle…this is not good man.” said Kain.

“So what do you think we should do?” I asked.

Kain wiped his eyes and sighed restlessly.

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“I don’t know man. We need to stay ready for whatever comes our way and that is just a fact. We are at war here. Might not be what we thought of when we got on that plane but we are here and we need to deal with our circumstances.” said Kain.

“Yeah…I know.” I said growing very tired due to the long day.

Me and kian walked back to our tent and got into our bunks and fell into slumber.

I then awoke in a stream with water up to my waist. The color of the water was red and the air was thick with the smell of blood. Bodies began emerging to the surface of the crimson lake. Disfigured was their faces with some bodies missing limbs and even some were missing eyes and ears. Then a man emerged from water. Ghostly pale he was.Very tall with long fingers leading down to razor sharp claw. He stood with long legs and big feet. His eyes were glass like black bulging eyes.

“Who are you?” I questioned.

“I am the pale man.” said the pale man.

“What do you want with me?” I asked.

The pale man nodded towards the water. I looked down to see the horror of my reflection in the water. The reflection of me was me yet was not me. My eyes were ones of bloodlust with blood

covering my mouth and lips like make up. My eyes sunken into their sockets with skin in between my teeth.

“T-that’s not me.” I said stuttering with fear.

“Not yet.” said the pale man.

“What do you want from me?!” I screamed.

It’s not what I want.” said the pale man.

Then a howling of horror came from the jungle around me.

“It’s what they want.” said the pale man.

I awoke to Kain’s voice.

“Hey man…breakfast time. Time to get up.” said Kain.

But then as I awoke, an arrow shot into kains neck. Kain fell to the floor holding his horribly bleeding neck

I tried to make my way over to him but was knocked to my knees by a blow to the head. I looked up to see a cannibal standing before me. Covered in blood he was with a necklace made from teeth and toe and fingernails. The cannibal kneeled down to face to face interaction with me. He

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spoke in a language which did not seem to be possible to be pronounced with human vocal chords.

“What do you want from me?” I whimpered.

Then I was struck in the head knocking me unconscious. I awoke again in the crimson river. As I made my way through the blood and muck, I once again saw the pale man rise from the waters.

“Do they look familiar to you” asked the pale man.

“Who?” I questioned.

Then bodies once again began emerging to the surface of the river. This was expected at first until I noticed that they were all in military dress. Some of them were torn limb from limb. Others beheaded and some were gouged of their eyes and some had chunks taken from their throat. I then saw Another figure rise from the waters. It was me but not me. I saw myself as if into a mirror of horror. I held a head within my grip. I then raised the head to my mouth and took a chunk out of it. The horrid twin of mine then threw the head at me and I caught in my hands. It was the head of kain.

“YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!” screamed the head of kain.

I dropped the head and screamed. I then looked at my horrid reincarnation in terror.

“YOU ARE NOT ME!!!” I screamed.

This only made the demon laugh with horrible evil glee.

“It’s time for you to wake up.” said my demon.

I then awoke in a hut filled with the dead bodies of the men that I had called brother. I looked into a puddle in the hut’s dirt floor and saw myself. My eyes were sunken in and my eyes themselves were as black as the night that swallowed us. My teeth were now razor sharp and my hands were crimson red with black claws.. Then I felt wings protrude from my back.

“WHAT AM I?!!!” I screamed in agony.

Then the hut door opened and I saw the tribe of cannibals staring at me with glee.

“Lord.” they shouted.

I then realized to my horror that I had become their god.

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