The Truth About Me
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Some people swore the house was haunted, but I knew that it wasn’t. I had lived in the house for all my life, it was passed down for generations, and everyone in our family lived in this house, well at least that’s how it used to be. I live alone in this house now, everyone else moved away. They didn’t even tell me, they just left. I usually don’t leave the house, my fridge is always full, and I’ve got whatever I need. Sometimes I hear people talking about my house, they describe it as abandoned and old. I’m not sure why people think no one lives there, since clearly, I still do. I guess since I haven’t been out of the house much, people don’t even remember that I still live there. Some kids come by and throw stones at my windows and then run away. I don’t know why the kids do that, I’m not a mean person,

I was always friendly whenever I met anyone. The saddest part about it all is that when my windows break because of the stones, I try to call a window repair man, but no one ever picks up. I never feel like going out to an actual store because of my habbit of staying inside. I never need to leave, so I never want to leave. Sometimes I look around my house for a ghost or spirit that might be haunting my house, but I never find one. I never have been able to understand why people think my house is haunted. Sometimes I think about selling the house so that I can go live somewhere else. Maybe a house where all the windows aren’t broken and where the neighbors remember that I’m still alive. Back then I didn’t know the truth, I didn’t know that I wasn’t alive. This is the story of how I found out that I wasn’t alive anymore.

As I said before, I didn’t know I was dead. But now that I think about it, people didn’t talk to me because they couldn’t see me, kids threw stones at my house because they didn’t know I was living there, People said the house was haunted because I was the one haunting it! Of course I had died and then became a ghost, but back then I didn’t know, but one day I found out. As usual I was walking to the kitchen to get some food. I had a long tiring day of sleeping, and you know what? I felt even more tired after waking up, so I was hoping that some food would help me stay awake. I opened the fridge and peered inside for my favorite snack, frozen Titanic gummies. Suddenly it hit me, why would my fridge always be full if I never went out to buy anything? I thought it was queer that I had never wondered about this before. Despite my confusion, I grabbed my gummies and sat down at the dining table.

I took out my favorite flavor, raspberry. I had once read a story when I was little, it was about a jolly rancher named Blue Jolly Rancher, or Raspberry for short. I loved that character, so from then on my favorite flavor for anything was raspberry. In the packet of Titanic gummies there was only one raspberry gummy, so I decided to save it for last. I ate all the rest and then the raspberry one. I felt completely energized, and for the first time in a long time, I decided to go outside and step into some fresh air. I put on my best coat and a pair of my favorite vintage 1912 heels. I always dressed in vintage clothes, it made me feel fancy. But, for going outside I decided that just wearing regular clothes would look fine. Obviously, I looked awkward wearing vintage heels with a modern outfit, but those were my favorite shoes and I just had to wear them. I had to let my shoes breathe in some fresh air too.

As soon as I stepped out, a light breeze blew across my face. I realized that all the years I had spent inside, I had been missing what was really beautiful, the world outside. I took a deep breath and stepped off the stairs. I walked across the pathway to the front gate and looked around. I was hoping that someone would notice me and say hi, but all I saw was people trying to run away as soon as they stepped past the house. I must admit that I did feel bad, but I kept a smile pasted on my face and walked to the market. I decided to buy something healthy, like vegetables. After arguing with myself for a while, I decided to buy one vegetable and a box of titanic gummies. When I reached the market I noticed that it was really crowded. I didn’t care because I had spent so much time alone that I wanted lots of people around me. Little did I know that I was about to find out that I was a ghost. I walked over to the row with colorful vegetables. I went to the person selling cucumbers and asked for the biggest one. He didn’t respond so I asked again. He didn’t even turn his face towards me. I got angry and just decided to leave and go back home, going out of my house was a bad idea. As i walked back, I thought about the reasons that could have made the man not turn around to give me a cucumber.

My first thought was that maybe someone was holding a gun to his stomach and threatened to kill him if he gave me a cucumber, but that a was a bit extreme so I thought of something else. Maybe he was deaf, so he wouldn’t be able to hear me. But then he would have had another person help him know when customers were talking to him. So, in the end I simply decided that it was too noisy and that the man hadn’t heard me over all the commotion. I felt bad that I had just stormed off, so I turned around and started walking back. But, as soon as I turned, I bumped into a young lady, or atleast that’s what would’ve happened if I wasn’t a ghost. The girl walked right through me and kept on going as if nothing had happened. My heart stopped for a moment (it wasn’t actually beating since I was dead, but it certainly felt like something in my body had stopped working), I blinked a few times then took a deep breath. I ran to my house, kicked off my 1912 heels, and sat down, trying to recollect all my thoughts. No wonder the man hadn’t heard me, I was a ghost, I was dead. I also thought about how the girl walked right through me. She couldn’t see me and I was as thin as air. It all suddenly hit me. That’s how I realized I was dead.

I stayed in the house. I’m still the same, I look the same, wear the same clothes and walk the same way. The only thing that is different is my mood, I’m no longer friendly or ever happy. So my house has now actually earned the title “haunted”. I haunt the house and I haunt whoever comes near the house. You know who else automatically gets haunted without even seeing me? Whoever reads this story. You know too much about me already, I can’t let you live and pass on my story. I’ll find you, no matter where you go. So, I suggest that you spend your last few days wisely because nothing will ever be the same again… FOR YOU!

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  1. Avatar of Lolly Lolly says:

    This story is awesome! I love it! :D

  2. Avatar of pOpz pOpz says:

    nice story :3 poor soul o.o

  3. Avatar of aditya kumar sharma says:

    a good one

  4. Avatar of pinay pinay says:

    Predictable. Nice try though. Keep it up :)

  5. Avatar of pinay pinay says:

    looking forward to your other stories ;)

  6. Avatar of anitajai anitajai says:

    Lovely story…Specially the ending was really good!! Loved it:->

  7. belinda k says:

    First, why a person would post TERRIBLE without giving a reason or any constructive criticism is inconsiderate to the author. Just had to get that out of the way. Second, is this your first story? If so, good job! And as to the obviousness or predictability of the outcome, I suffer from it as well. Gotta work on my ‘obfuscationability’ so the outcomes won’t be so transparent :-) Again, good job and keep writing!

  8. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    Seems everybody, or at least the writers who put stories on shortnscarystories, write in the H. P. Lovecraft style. That style is all narrative, very little, or any dialog. By the way have you read HERBERT WEST- REANIMATOR by Lovecraft? It is one of the most terrifying stories that I have ever read. In further defense of the all narrative story have you read THE YELLOW WALL-PAPER written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman? It is a classic story I believe is destined for writing immortality. So in defense of all narrative it can work. In that style of writing – to hell with character development through conversations. I defense of conversations, it gives information and allows the reader to love, hate or fear characters. In further defense of the, all narrative style of writing, Lovecraft injected a whole lot of gloom and doom into his stories which gives a reader of his stories the willies. Mrs. Gilman injected a whole lot of nutty by using all narrative. You would do well to inject some of that same sense of dread and lunacy into your stories if you use all narrative. Good luck to you sir and keep writing. Thank you. :)

  9. Nicole says:

    Cool story, loved the shoes!!

  10. Avatar of safaa says:

    nice story ,i like it <3

  11. Avatar of Alexandria Alexandria says:

    That sent shivers down my spine! I enjoyed it! Thank you!

  12. Avatar of Brooky Brooky says:

    And this is your first story?
    Well done. All in all, not too bad. Cripes! I can’t even remember my first story, but there certainly wasn’t any butter or maple syrup involved (sorry, that’s crepes isn’t it?)
    Many good – and bad – authors have used the first person POV extremely well. No offence Mr. Tiggs, but ‘narrative’ is such a boring and technical word, and I am a strong believer of low-tech writing (as in rules and regulations and my lack thereof). but back to you Shontella . . . just as an aside, is anyone else having trouble with the letter ‘u’? The buggerising around I have to do to get the bleedin’ thing is extremely annoying.
    Sorry! Now, Shontella, the overall structure (that damned letter) needs a little tightening, some of the content seems superfluous (arrrggghhh! Never try writing something that doesn’t contain a certain letter; it ain’t easy). The idea behind the story is an old classic concept and has been used on many occasions, but then again, so have vampires and werewolves, and fresh blood and/or meat, so to speak (sorry, couldn’t resist that one), can only add to an already well-earthed literary stalwart.
    A personal observation however; that ending? It just doesn’t work. If worded differently then maybe – my opinion only. Have a think about it.
    Apart from all that; for your first story you’ve done well, and no I’m not being patronising, just honest.

  13. Novella Wild says:

    Yes, it’s predictable. Well, nice story for the first work. Congrats. And this line made me smile before the store ends: Spend your last few days wisely because nothing will ever be the same again… FOR YOU! Hahah. You have a broad imagination to tell a story. Keep up the good work.

  14. Avatar of Apollo Apollo says:

    very nice story as a beginner…the last line made me feel cripes..very good!

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