The true story of voices
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I was about in 7th grade, and my baby sister was 7 years old. My sister and I barely ever fought. Until she got to about the age of six years old we started fighting more. Anyway I am way off the subject but in a way it has something to do with this story. Me and my sister, Allie, One day were in my room. Me and her just switched rooms recently. I already had strange things happening to me since me and her moved rooms. I’ll get more into that later. Back on the subject me and her were playing Gamecube one day. That wss the big thing for me and her. We both loved Mario, video games, and that game cube. The Game cube really caused alot of fights over who had 1st player and second player. One day me and her were fighting over the controlers…screaming at each other..then all of a sudden I hear this demonic voice. I thought it was just me who heard it. Im age 13 thinking what the hell was that. I look at my sister and she looks as suprised as I did. I said sis.. “Did you hear that too?” She said uh yeah sissy.. I cannot describe the voice till this day. I just remember its something hollywood movies could never make if they needed a scary voice in it for their movie. Me and my sister stared at each other for a minute scared to move. After I got the courage I started to look around for maybe a logical reason for the distrubing voice we heard. Everything was pretty much off….. Everytime I think of it its like I can see the horrible spirit and I know its there but do not like giving it any attention. More things have happened to me while living in that house. I believe some people are just more sensative to the supernatual than others. But sharing that expience with my sister made me not feel crazy, but it did make it feel real for sure. It wasn’t all in my head because we were both alone at home that whole day..both to witness it.

A few weeks after that I was in the same room that I have moved in. I was getting ready for bed. I always had this unconfortable feeling about the room everytime I entered it. It felt like something was trying to aggravate me or bother me. Literally this was driving me crazy because I believe I am so sensitive to supurnatural things such as God,angels, and demons. I believe this was a demon that bothered me for years. Back to my I was laying in bed a great big heavey feeling came over me. I knew something was about to happen and it did. Something kept hitting the under part of my bed and it hit so hard my mattress when up of the actual frame of the bed. I was good at ignoring it like it wasnt there even though it was scary. I did look under my bed and i didnt have any pets at the time so I knew it wasn’t just in my head.

Next story is when I was 13 I got my first cell phone. The razor the pink one and I thought I was so cool. I loved taking pictures of myself..well one day I accidently took a picture near the fan in my room which was over my bed. I got a picture of something very scary…I even showed my dad. Nothing Hollywood could come up with.. that picture was so scary..the object was red with blurry arms but black in him. He or it had tiny horns with a tale.. no eyes because he had no soul to have the purpose for eyes just teeth.. It was very scary and he visited me again when i was 18…

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  1. velma golden says:

    I can relate if this is a true story. I have had many such times in my life and one day I may share. Is there more to your story, if so please continue.

  2. Avatar of Vincent Vincent says:

    Woow!!! That really happend?
    My brother had an enconter like that too.
    But he said it was Jesus :D

    It was really really scary to read.
    You definatly should wright a whole story
    based on that.

  3. velma golden says:

    Vincent if your brother had an encounter with Jesus it was not evil, but a Blessing. yes the story was indeed scary,and I do hope that Shelby will continue with more. Go for it girl!!

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