The Tape
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Abagail always hated her job. She works at an old VHS store. Other than her boss, Joe, and the. clerks, Tom and Tina, she was the only worker. Abagail’s job was to watch the VHS tapes. It was fairly simple and the pay was decent. However, she watched some pretty weird stuff. Today, she watched two old documentaries and a foot fetish movie.

Abagail: “Who sends us this crap? It is disgusting.”

Joe: “I have no idea. My old viewer Hannah saw a lot of these tapes before she walked out. We never saw her again.

Abagail: “I don’t blame her. I hate watching these weird ass tapes. Luckily, my acting career is gonna take off. Then, I will never return to this dump again.

Abagail made it obvious that she hated her job. Joe was growing weary of it. Then, a plan came into his head.

8 Hours Later

Joe: “Abagail, report to my office.”

Abagail: “Yes sir.”

Joe: “I know you don’t like it here. Normally, I don’t kiss up to ungrateful employees, but you’re important to me. That is why I have an important task for you.

Joe hands Abagail a VHS tape.

Joe: I will give you a $30 bonus if you get rid of this tape. But, whatever you do, don’t watch it.

Abagail: “Thank you sir. You have no idea how happy I am. I am sorry about the trouble I gave you lately.”

Joe: “No problem. Things will change around here. Maybe for the better.”

Abagail walked out of the store, not noticing the sadistic smile on Joe’s face.

Abagail walked into her house and found it empty. Her mother was on a business trip.

Abagail: “I wonder why he didn’t want me to watch this.”

She turned on the TV and slid the tape into the VHS player. A black and white setting came up. The words “THE HOUSE” in bold letters appeared on the screen.

The camera cut to a room. In the room, there was a brunette girl tied to a chair. In front of her, there was a small table with various knives, tools, and blades on it. Behind her stood a tall man in a suit and tie wearing a white porcelain mask.

Man: “Welcome to the series premiere of The House. Meet Hannah. No one is an angel, but Hannah isn’t exactly the sweetest person to talk to. She worked at a VHS store. Hannah made it a living hell for everyone. Now Hannah, do you value your life?

Hannah (whispering): “What?”



Hannah (crying): “YES.”

Man: “It’s too late for tears. Now, you will pay for all the hell you caused.

The man walks to the table. He picks up a box cutter.

Hannah (crying hysterically) : “No. Please. I’m sorry.”

Man: “Too late, Hannah. You can’t wind time backwards.

Abagail watches in horror as the man slashes Hannah’s wrist. He pours alcohol into the cut and Hannah screamed in pain.

Abagail: “WHAT THE FUCK!”

The man grabs a pair of pliers and pulls out three of Hannah’s teeth. Then, he grabs a huge knife. To end the punishment, he stabs Hannah in the face and chest until her screams end.

Man: You’re next, Abagail. (sadistically laughs) YOU’RE NEXT.

The screen goes black and the show ends. Abagail calls her boss, but a link pops up. She clicks the link and a video plays.

Joe (on video): “Hello Abagail. If you are watching this, it means you disobeyed me. You were always a rude little bitch. I got sick of kissing up to you and begging you to stay. You saw where Hannah went. Well, now it’s your turn. That tape is your problem now. Oh, and R.I.P.

The video ended with Joe shooting himself in the face. Another link appeared. This time, it was a picture of Abagail. However, she noticed the man from the show standing behind her holding a metal bat. Before she could respond, she felt a hard shot to her head and she blacked out.

When Abagail woke up, she was in the same room as Hannah. She was tied to a chair.

Man: Welcome to episode two of “THE HOUSE”.

At that moment, Abagail learned a lesson. It’s quite sad that it wasn’t her mother’s lecture, but the pain of three arrows going through her chest that taught her to value life. However, it’s too late for that. Ironically, she died famous. That was the highest rated episode on TV. Even more, ironically, the person who enjoyed the episode the most was her mother.


Author’s word: This is me writing with a different approach. These post story notes are my way of connecting to you all, as an aspiring writer. Rate, comment, and enjoy. But, DON’T be negative.

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