The Shadows: Part Four
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Well, things are getting better. Since my last entry, I have gotten an apartment, stabilized my job situation, and even got a motorcycle. A Candy Thunder Blue, 4-stroke, DOHC, parallel twin cc, 374 lb Kawasaki Ninja 250R Baby! But enough about that. Let’s get to the real reason you are reading this. You want to know as well as I do if anything has happened… and no, nothing’s happened.

That’s where my concern and reason for making this entry come from. The last time “Steven” showed up (btw, I find Steven to be a very unintimidating name, so that’s it’s name now. It makes me feel better, get over it.) I was told that the time was drawing near, but it’s been over four months since I last saw Steven. I have actually had nothing but good luck throughout this last four months, which is an all time new record streak of good luck for me! I’ve only been at my new job for the last four months, and I’ve been promoted twice, have a great reputation throughout the entire staff, and am well liked by the owner. I’ve been going out once a week to sing karaoke, and I have been complimented on my voice so many times! I’ve even got a couple of numbers of admiring ladies! LOL, I wish it would have been like this sooner! My daughter is doing great, she is just learning to stand, she has the most adorable laugh, and her smile warms every inch of my lonely heart. I see her mostly every weekend, with an odd weekday every time I get a chance. It sure is a good thing my ex-wife is so lazy, I can have her whenever I want, as long as she gets to claim custody and get that $3,000 tax refund… every cloud does have a silver lining, sometimes it’s just really tarnished and you have to look for the end of that particular cloud.

As for, well, you know, I have no idea what has happened to him, but I find myself… well, for lack of better term, hoping to see him again.

If he is going to come try to ruin this string of luck for me, I just want it to happen already! Knowing there is something out there, thinking about me, waiting for something involving me… that is also now named Steven. As much as I used to be scared of running into him, now I feel curiosity. It’s an unnerving feeling, but if things keep going like this for me, who knows, maybe he changed his mind, and Steven found someone else, or he was mistaken… I guess we’ll see what transpires.

I’ll write again if anything happens, but for anyone following this, I’m doing ok… thanks for checking in.

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