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There was a boy named charlie. he always was a bad person,he couldn’t help it,and there was one thing he loved…..Scaring people! he knew all the tricks. but one day charlie was walking to school with his little brother, David, and he had a new trick up his sleeve. it was the first day of school.

“so are you excited to be in middle school? “  charlie asked.

“yeah!” his brother replied.

“really? i cant wait till I’m out!” charlie looked like he was scared

“why its awesome!” David looked confused now.

“no  its not” charlie looked around as if he was afraid someone was watching, then, motioned David to move closer “the school is hunted” he continued “there was a boy in the sixth grade and his name was David. he was in the hallway and he saw a person who had a knife and the man saw David and stabbed him to death!”

David looked really scared now but charlie continued “and David roams the halls to this very day! he is looking for the next boy named David so he can kill him the way the man killed David!” he laughed loudly.

“has there been another boy named David?” David asked his voice shaking. charlie looked at him and replied “nope”

David was so scared he ran off back home. “you have to go to school you know!” charlie yelled. and David ran back. “fine I’ll go but if i see a ghost I’m coming home!” David said angrily


at school charlie saw David looking at something in the corner David called him over. when he got there David looked and pointed at the corner. when charlie looked he saw a person oddly shaped,dark,had black holes for eyes. then he saw it was a ghost. “is this the ghost named David?” his brother asked. “yes it is and we have to leave now lets go” charlie said. he was scared and couldn’t help but think a ghost? i had said there was a ghost ive never even seen and there is a real ghost named David? really charlie?

but then he heard a scream. a very loud scream of his little brother. he turned around and saw the ghost had a knife and was stabbing his little brother. he looked for help but nobody was there. so when the ghost left he sat silently and cried over his brother.

but that night he lay awake and couldn’t take living without his brother. he went back to school in the morning and pulled out a knife from his backpack and stabbed himself to death.

to this day their ghost haunt the halls  of their school looking for their next victims. but some say that thier ghosts dont want to kill, they just want to find the man who killed the other ghost so they can kill him and finally let the other boy be at peace.

and they did.

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  1. Avatar of priyanka priyanka says:

    Great story…well done Rebekah.. :)

  2. Akshay says:

    wonderful story…….great work rebekah..

  3. Chanchal says:

    i thoroughly enjoy it…..good work

  4. Avatar of Amit Amit says:

    this story was awesome i really like the story the story

  5. Avatar of Morgana Morgana says:

    Lack of capitalization is very distracting. Other than that this is a nice little tale.

  6. Geeta says:

    Good concept…little bit of more effort or may be some more revisions of the story.. it could have been great story.. but would love to read from you again..

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