The Return
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A Lonely road. No one in sight. The moon hidden beneath the thick clouds. Thick forest on both sides of the road. He walks on, with only a faint light, from a street lamp some 100 metres away, to guide him. The darkness growing with each passing minute.

Silence; as never experienced before, not even the rustle of a leaf, no wind howling, no animal walking and not even an insect to be heard. Complete silence. He checks his watch. In the faint light, he just about manages to locate the position of the two hands to be able to realise the time to be 1:35 am. Not even a soul in sight. He walks on. All of a sudden, a light breeze blows. He pulls the ends of his overcoat closer. The breeze passes through the trees bringing the leaves to life and making an eerie sound woooooo…… The breeze passes on and silence descends again.

The sky clears for a second to reveal the moon. A full moon night, he realizes. The clouds engulf the moon again. Somewhere far, from deep within the forest, a howl is heard. He stops, heart beat rises, ‘probably a dog’, he thinks, walks on. He gets closer to the lamp. He’s just some ten steps away from it, when suddenly, it starts flickering. Again, a howl is heard; this time, nearer. His legs freeze to the ground, tries to move but legs refuse to budge, sweat covers his face and body, heart beat rises, fear in his eyes; there was no mistaking, this was no dog howling but the hungry wail of a WOLF.

The lamp flickers and dies out. Sound of four heavy legs running on leaves is heard. Twigs cracking. Though the howl was that of a wolf, the pounding of paws made it seem like something else, something huge. And that something was now fast approaching him. He made a desperate attempt to move, but his legs failed him. The sound of running legs got closer. Howl is heard at some 10 feet distance from behind the roadside trees. The thing gets closer. A rustle is heard from the bushes in front of the trees near the roadside. He looks on, eyes wide open. The clouds drift away to reveal a full moon. One more howl, this time very close.

The thing emerges. Flashes its teeth. A giant leap towards him. He falls down, dead. It satisfies its hunger. He’s shred to bits.

A little far away, hidden behind the trees, a returning woodcutter watches silently as the beast devours its prey. He stands there, holding his breath. Against the bright moonlight, he clearly sees the great beast; an animal believed to have existed thousands of years ago, and now seen only in books and movies, but had now returned, and he knew; if there was one, there were or will be many more. The ferocious creatures had finally come back to prove their existence and the beast, in front of him, shredding its prey with no mercy, was a definite proof of the return of those mythological creatures..



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  1. Chanchal says:

    Very nice Story…. i enjoy it very much keep it up “Akhil.P.S.”….:)

  2. Avatar of AfroNasty95 says:

    Can you write you own stories on here?

  3. Avatar of Morgana Morgana says:

    You set a great scenario here, and made it very realistic. The use of the werewolves was a nice touch. Very well done.

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