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Michael and Kayla were driving on Halloween night and parked at a lovers lane. They saw other cars there, but assumed nothing. Michael turned on the radio and started kissing her. Just when they were comfortable, a news report interrupted the radio music. “We interrupt this program with a news bulletin. Serial killer Charles J. Dublin has escaped from prison. He murdered over thirty people. Dublin was known for skinning his victims alive. We have a pre – recorded warning from Dublin himself.” said the reporter. The radio is quiet for a minute. Suddenly, the warning is played. “Hello, ladies and gentlemen. If you don’t know, I escaped. Now, in the spirit of Halloween, I am headed to the scariest place I know. I won’t reveal this location, but I will give a warning. Anyone I catch there will be murdered. Happy Halloween.” Dublin’s recorded voice announced. “I’m scared, Michael.” whined Kayla. “If anyone wants to hurt you, they will have to kill me first.” said Michael. “That’s what I’m scared about. If they kill you, no one will protect me.” “Aw babe, I’ll call Ryan to back me up.” Michael pulls out his phone to dial Ryan. “Ryan here.” said Ryan. “Dude, can you come to the lovers lane? Kayla is scared and I need backup.” Michael asks. “No way. That maniac is on the loose.” “We’re in lovers lane. What’s wrong with that.” The phone hung up. A few minutes later, it rings. “Hello.” Michael says. “You said you were in a lovers lane right?” Ryan asks. “Yeah. Why?” “I did some research and I found out that the scariest place he knows is the exact lovers lane.” “What are you talking about?” “His father drove him and his mother to that location. He had to watch his mother be skinned alive because she cheated on his father. I’m driving home at full speed because I am not about to be out here driving when there is a maniac skinning people alive. GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE DUDE.” Ryan hung up after that. Kayla sat up. “Is Ryan coming?” she asks. “He can’t.” “Let’s get out of here. I wanna go home.” “No, come on baby.” “Michael, take me home.” “Fine.” He starts the car, but nothing happens. He tries again and again, but still nothing. “Why won’t the car start?” he muttered. Kayla is freaked out and starts crying. Michael kisses the tears away. “It’s okay. I will ask one of these other people for help.” he said. Michael walks out and approaches a car. When he knocks on the door, there is no reponse. He opens the door and a teenage boy’s body falls out. The boy is skinned alive. Then, he sees the girl’s body. She has been stabbed with her eyes gouged out. A car drives up to Michael. “Need some help.” a voice asks. “Yeah. My girlfriend and I are having car trouble. We need a mechanic.” “There’s a guy up the street, I’ll drive you. Only one problem though, my truck only has two seats. One of you can’t come.” Michael walks to Kayla. “I’m gonna find a mechanic. I’ll be right back. Just stay in the car.” “What, no I’m scared. Don’t leave me.” “It’s just up the street. Just lay on the floor. I’ll cover you up. When you hear three taps, it’s me” Michael kisses her, lays her down and puts a blanket over her. Michael then gets into the truck and the guy drives off. About ten to fifteen minutes later, the truck drives back to the lane. Kayla hears the three taps followed by frantic tapping. An annoyed Kayla finally opens the door. Michael falls dead with a slit throat. Kayla runs into the truck where the other guy is skinned alive. Charles is in the backseat. “HAPPY HALLOWEEN.” he shouts before stabbing Kayla several times in the chest. The next day, a new news report came on. “In today’s new story, three more bodies have been found. The victims are Michael Fisher, Kayla Adams, and thirty – four year old Richard Stevens. Richard was skinned alive. Michael had a slit throat. Kayla was found stabbed with her eyes gouged out. Dublin was at the scene and taken in. When asked why does he does this, here is his response.” The reporter plays a recorded message. “Why I do this huh? My father killed my mother in that lane. I saw my father in every one of my victims. However, now I see the monster I had become. I deserve to be here.” he says. Two days later, a prison guard finds Dublin dead. His wrists were slashed and he had a sad look on his face. In blood, there was a note that said : I became you father. WHY, father. WHY?

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