The Purse
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Right there…through the glass window, was a women with the most unusual but beautiful purse around her shoulder. Laura couldn’t stop stairing as if mesmorized by the one of a kind bag. “Snap out of it!”, her sister Katy said. Laura shook her head and said, “what, ohh…let’s…let’s keep…walking”…The girls walked on through the mall to continue their christmas shopping. After a few hours, they went home to rest. The house was warm, fire on and filled with happiness. The way every house should be during the holidays.

“Dinner’s ready!”, the girl’s mom called. Down sat Laura, Katy, their mom and dad. Dinner was delicious but Laura couldn’t stop thinking about that purse she had seen earlier in the day. In fact, that’s all she could think of when heading to bed that night…The next morning came and the girls were quickly dressed to continue their shopping spree.

They arrived at the mall and walked a few moments before the same women was spotted by Laura. The women dressed in all black was very mysterious. She seemed to hate this time of year. “Go in the back, and get me those damn shoes!” the woman yelled to a salesman. The man was obviously not enjoying this as he walked off irritated….The woman followed him to make sure he grabbed the shoes as she demanded.

Laura quickly noticed the purse was left on a bench. “Oh god, what are you thinking?”, Katy asked. “Follow me”, Laura shouted as she quickly walked into the store….With a hesitant breath, Laura looked around and snatched the purse! She ran out of the mall as quickly as she could and started her car. Katy jumped in and with exhausted breaths asked for an explanation.

“I don’t know! I just…I just…mind your own business!” she cried to Katy. The girls arrived at home a few minutes later and Laura quickly ran upstairs while tucking the purse. She locked the bedroom door and layed the purse on her bed….,examined it and smiled. “Something about you is reaching for me” she whispered to the bag..Little did she know, she had stolen much more than just a simple purse.

To be continued……

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  1. Geeta says:

    So when’s the next part coming?

  2. Avatar of amber amber says:

    Yeah when is the next part coming.

  3. Avatar of Tony Tony says:

    hey guys! thanks for the interest i really appreciate it, i’m going to be writing the next part very soon!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Curious to see what happens. Very good so far.

  5. Avatar of subha subha says:

    pls tell me when will the next part come. m waiting. i liked the 1st half.

  6. Avatar of Apollo Apollo says:

    pls get the next part as soon as possible…first one is good

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