The Power of Words
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This night was like any other night, yet different from all the others. I cracked open a cold malt beverage, fell back in my desk chair and proceeded to call my friend Blue, who was also my assistant writer. This would make day 66 since we began to put our first movie idea on paper, as an attempt to make a short horror movie for the next horror convention coming to town. Together we were a well oiled scream machine.
‘Hello?’ Her voice was thin and raspy.
‘It’s your turn. I hand you the amputation knife. Have at it. I lift my arms up and grab the splintering wood from the low ceiling fixtures.’ I said awaiting for her creative mind to spark.
‘I can’t do this!’ Her voice in pretend panic. ‘ There has to be another way!’
‘There is no other way! We all die. Today, tomorrow, a few years from now. But this is the only way we can live forever!’ I said with no remorse. ‘It’s either me or you.’
‘To live forever?’ She pauses for a moment. ‘ Okay. I drag the cold steel into your side. The blood starts to run, as I apply more pressure to the blade. You hear the clang of steel upon the concrete floor. I look at my hands covered in red.’ Blue said awaiting my reply.
‘Finish it!’ I screamed.
‘No! You finish it! She yells as she runs out of the old house.’
‘I guess you’ve made your decision then. Now it’s your soul to take! I scream as I start chasing behind you.’ I said in a crazed fake voice. Blue continued in character.
‘You can hear her breathe panting harder the longer she runs. How do I escape this torrent of evil? She runs to a nearby house, and starts to bang on the door as hard and fast as her hands would let her.’

BANG! BANG! BANG! A shrike of fear swarmed my chest. The sound was coming from my living room door.
‘ Hold on Blue, theirs someone banging on my door profoundly!’ I said.
‘ Stay on the phone with me?.
‘ Yeah, sure.’
I put my ear to the door.
‘ Is someone there?’
‘ Yes! Please help me, please let me in! Please!’
This couldn’t be happening! I thought. Wasn’t I just writing this story? I reached for the blinds hanging in front of the doors window. As I creased it’s edges down I saw my friend Blue staring back at me. Tears in her fearful eyes. I jilted away from the window, against the wall.

‘ Blue, are you still there?’
‘ Yes I’m here, whats going on? I stood frozen in fear. ‘Hello? Are you still there? Answer me!’ Blue said cautiously over the phone. ‘
‘’ I creased the blinds again. My throat knotted, my movements felt as if I was in slow motion. I pulled the blinds down, nothing was there. Nothing but the darkness of the night. Just then blood splattered the window, it ran down like rain in a bad storm. I screamed and fell back onto the floor.
‘ Blue? Are you still there?’ Silence. ‘ Blue? BLUE!’ I sat there, astonished and confused. Scared with the loneliest feeling I had ever felt. Yet I knew I wasn’t alone. Panic sunk in my chest. Cold sweat filled my body, darkness swept over my eyes as I passed out, my head thumping onto the wooden floor.
I awoke to loud knocking at the door. Immediately my eyes widened when I saw my hands and clothes drenched in blood.
‘ It’s the police! Open up!’ The voice yelled from the other side of the door. Looking at the door, then looking back at my blood covered hands, I knew what I had to do. I lifted my weight from off the floor and began to run out my back door. Down the steps, past the driveway, I heard the police screaming at me from the distance. I felt a sting in my back, but proceeded to run as fast as I could to the nearest hide-away. A pathway through the forest, to an abandon house. Somehow it seemed suitable.
I ran through the door, collapsing onto the concrete floor. As I tried to gain composer of my thoughts, as well as my breathe, the sting in my back out ruled anything I was feeling at that moment. I spotted a broken mirror on the wall, and staggered to it. I lifted my shirt to see a bullet wound lodged into my lower back. As I ran my hand across the wound, it was dried as if the bullet had been resting in my flesh for days. Then before my eyes, the wound closed up as if it had never happened. I then realized, the magic we had been writing about was true. It was in me, and now I had the power to live forever. Never again, I thought, will I use my words carelessly. The words were the power! And now I had forever to live with that mistake.

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  1. Avatar of Sonal Pandey Sonal Pandey says:

    Kind of reminded me of a scene from “Black Swan”.
    Great read though… “Be careful what you write about.” ;)

  2. Angela says:

    Ironically I’ve never seen Black Swan, now it’s a must! Haha. Thank you guys so much for your feedback. I appreciate it.

  3. Soniya says:

    Angela, I enjoyed reading your story… almost every story on the site is so original… great site..

  4. Triss says:

    wow that’s an awesome story!!!!!!

  5. Diana says:

    This story was very impressive!!!

  6. Angela says:

    Hello! I’m quite pleased to meet you. However, I believe you’ve mistakened me for someone else. I don’t recall writing a blog on Google. I would love to hear your ideas though. You can email me at or reach me on Facebook as well. ;)

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