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Ok have you ever heard of the story called the psycho friend, of course, you haven’t let’s get into the story

Kate: Hi DJ
DJ: Hi Kate
DJ: wanna come over my house and watch a movie
kate: sure I’m on my way

While Kate was walking she tripped over a phone almost fell but caught herself

Kate: DJ I just found a phone
DJ: cool
kate: this is the phone of a MISSING girl named Josephine
DJ: ooh
kate: I’m going to call you off of the missing phone
dj: no don’t do that
kate: why
dj: I don’t know
kate: I’m calling
dj: noooooo
kate: Why is your phone already in her phone
kate: I’m reading through the texts ohh she got killed that very sad
dj: yea u don’t have to go any further
kate: I’m reading your texts with her
kate: you got mad about her rejecting to u said u will KILL her
dj: so what that’s old but know that u saw I’m coming 4 u
kate: noo stop I’m running away from you
dj: noo I have my new car which is way faster that u
kate: whatever

As soon as kate made it by a restaurant he pulled up and Killed Her

?H? ?N?


there was a girl named Elizabeth she found a phone by the school yard

Elizabeth thought who’s phone I’ll see

she texted a number she said “I found ur phone” they texted back “okay where are u” Elizabeth texted “in the school yard well outside of the school yard” they said “I’m coming” Elizabeth said “are u the one with the dog walking towards that van” they said “yes” it’s was dark now “I’m walking towards the van” they said come closer” Elizabeth said “there’s a man in there” they said “I know that’s me” Elizabeth said “why do you have a knife” they said “ohh to shred your body my friend is going to kill you” Elizabeth started running away but another man came and killed her and the other man shredded the body like he said he was going to do


Love you guys my first story so plz just plz like and comment I will come to back and read ur stories

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