The Old Post Office: Part I
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“Ah!” David winced as he accidentally cut himself on an envelope. “Ugh, the third time today huh, Dave?” muttered Stacy, David’s co-worker. David ignored the remark and went to get a bandage. As he retrieved the first aid kit, he heard a rumbling in the walls, not giving much thought about it, he went on placing a small bandage on his wounded finger, and returned to his office.

Stacy and David had been co-workers for 23 years. Dave, who was in his mid 40′s, always found Stacy obnoxious. Which made him somewhat attracted to her. But Stacy was a good 8 years younger than him, so he really found it awkward for the thought for them even being together. Stacy on the other hand, despised David. She was jealous because of how much work he could done in a day, while she was constantly barked at by the boss to work faster.

David returns back to work. But only to hear another rumbling sound, he looked at his watch; 4:43 PM. “I guess I could have the time to check it out.” David then proceeds to get up and walk over to the wall, putting his ear up against the cold wallpaper. Nothing. He waits a while longer, and hears a huge bang coming from the lounge area.
He jumps back from the wall, shocked. Stacy jumps up out of her chair and bolts to the lounge area. Only to find a gray winged creature, with glowing red eyes and horns that shot up towards the ceiling. Terrified, she faints in front of the doorstep.


A horrifying creature has made it’s way into an old postal office, leaving employees terrified and running for their lives. Stacy Harwin has fainted at the scene of the monster.

David, without hesitating, looks in the second drawer of his desk grabbing his 9mm and slowly heading towards the lounge area. He now has sight of the horrifying creature and pauses for a moment to observe it. It begins crawling on it’s hands and feet, observing Stacy. David raises his 9mm and yells, “Stay back!” with a cracked tone. The creature looks up, staring at him directly in the eyes, when suddenly, David fires a shot. And the creature pounces towards him. David runs back to his desk to take cover, but it’s too late. The creature has now sinked it’s claws into David’s legs. David screams in agony as he begins to fire yet another shot at the creature. It’s useless, he’s in too much pain to take a steady shot. David, in desperation, throws the pistol at Stacy in order to wake her. As he throws the pistol, he feels a sharp pain that he will never forget. The creature has now ripped off his left leg. David now feels hopeless. Stacy did not wake, everyone has fled, and David, is starting to blackout. David takes one more glance at the creature, but only to find he is heading towards Stacy once again.

David has now fainted….


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  1. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    You are mixing your tenses. Uh, the monster is believable but having a gun, unless you are security, on the job is not. Thank you. :)

  2. belinda k says:

    If I remember correctly, you said you were twelve? Or are you thirteen by now? Anyway, great idea for your story, but do some spell, grammar and punctuation checking.

    And don’t forget to watch your tenses (past and present) so you don’t mix them. Read your sentences out loud. If they’re difficult to say, they’re probably difficult to read.

    Also, you might want to ask questions about workplace issues from an adult who is working, so you get a sense of what would be believable and what would not.

    But whatever you do, don’t stop writing!

    With love and respect,

    belinda k

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