The Murder
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Amanda, a forty-six inched, blonde, long haired talking doll was down in the kitchen when no one was home. While she was feasting on a turkey sandwhich, she heard a crash come from the living room!

She placed her sandwhich back on to the plate, got up from where she was sitting and quitley, but slowly, made her way to the living room. When she peaked her head out from behind the living room enterance wall, she could NOT buy her own sight of view! This pale faced, fifty-six inched doll, whose faded brown eyes, for only a split second, was looking down at the smashed, white flowered decorated glass vase before she shot her eyes up at Amanda and smiled an nefarious grin!

Amanda’s little doll heart beated faster than a drum as she dropped down to her knees in fright! With her eyes widened with shock,the zombie doll staggered over towards her!

Amanda was in too much fear to walk, run or even scream! She struggled to scream as weak noises escaped from her mouth!

“Help!” She meekly cried. With a raspy, evil female’s voice, the doll spoke,

“No one’s here to help you. I’m ravenous and your all mine!” Swiftly, the dead doll leaped and tackled her backwards!

With a hard struggle, that didn’t last long, the zombie doll took a chunk from Amanda’s throat and swallowed it whole! With blood gushing from her mouth, the departed doll veiwed Amanda’s struggle to break as she flopped around like a fish before turning lifeless! Now, the killer doll moved on to Amanda’s entrails as she heard a ear-piercing scream!

The doll, with a blood messy face, with also a piece of viscera hanging from her mouth, picked her head up only to see a middle aged woman standing there with a terrified look on her face!

“MY DOLL!” The lady screamed! The evil doll let out a diabolical laugh as she pounced from the victim doll on to the lady!

The middle aged woman’s name was Jessica, and Jessica collected, and also created many life sized dolls, both boys and girls. But she knew she did NOT own this one, and she was even more petrified when she saw that it was real and moving!

With a hard and quick PUSH the doll fell back on to the floor! Now Jessica made a run for it as the doll stood back up and went on a search for her!

The killer doll made her way upstairs and into the a large room that was full of Jessica’s dolls. As she looked around the room she suddenly heard a floorboard creak from behind her. When she turned around and saw Jessica holding a large metal bat she softly, in a sweet and innocent voice uttered,

“Please, don’t kill me Jessica. It’s me,Aaliyah.” The expression on Jessica’s face turned into a horrifed, but sad look.

“Aa-Aa-Aaliyah?!” She loudly cried.

“What-I….I…I can’t even recognize you!” She commented.

“What….what-what happened to you?! Why did you do this?!” She questioned her.

“I died Jessica, and now I’m sad and angry.” Aaliyah replied.

“Why….why did you die, what happened?!” She hollored in an upsetting tone. Aaliyah came out,

“You see Jessica, all your dolls are alive. So when your not around us, or home we become animate. But their all evil, they all killed me, they were always mean to me and today they decided to beat me dead! And their planning on doing the same to you! You have to destory them, quick.” Jessica looked around at all her dolls.

“Why arent they moving now…?” She asked her.

Suddenly, from behind Aaliyah was tackled on to the floor by a doll that looked JUST like her, but the only difference was that she was alive! When Jessica heard the screaming, she looked back down at the two dolls that were battling each other now.

While the dead doll was on top of the living doll, who was holding her arms back, she quickly hollored,

“Your NOT me! I’m NOT dead, your a thing, not a doll, your not one of us!” The LIVING Aaliyah doll, with full force picked the thing rearwards and stood up. Aaliyah turned her head up at Jessica and held her hand out.

“The bat Jess!” She yelled in demand. Jessica, in a hurry, tossed her the bat. Now Aaliyah stood in a prepared position with the end of the bat in both her hands.

When the monster doll ran at her, Aaliyah took one strike and the doll was out cold! Now with the bat, Aaliyah smashed her head in about fifteen times until it got to the point where Jessica had to stop her, and remind her that the monster was destroyed.

Aaliyah dropped the bat and held her arms out for Jess to pick her up. When Jessica finally did they hugged each other.

“Awe.” All the doll in the room noised. Jessica and Aaliyah, with both with smiles, immediately looked over at all of them.

When Jessica put Aaliyah back on the floor she listened to what she had to say,

“Jessica, what that monster doll said was not true. We love you, and the care you give to us. The doll that I just took out was NOT really a doll, but merely a shape shifter. She took me in the night, tied me up and LOCKED me away in the closet, and nobody knew until-

“AALIYAH WATCH OUT!” The dolls and Jessica screamed as the murderous doll, now with her head back to it’s shape grabbed her from behind!

With her arm around Aaliyah’s throat, as she struggled to breathe, she began smacking the shape shifters arm. But it was much to strong for her. With the help from the other dolls now, many of them tried prying her away from Aaliyah, but couldn’t!

Abruptdly, the demon, shot up into the air and unleashed a large rage of fire that set everybody in a blaze! This included the house as well!

With fire trucks, ambulances and police on their way, the demon carried on to unleash more evil forces!

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