The little door in the floor
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When I was little I lived in a house that was as normal as can be.My parents slept in the big room with the soothing green wallpaper and I slept in the room with the blue and red wallpaper and the little door in the floor that was locked from the inside.We figured that out after we gave up trying to open it.The first few months were normal,I got enrolled into an elementary school (it was boring).I was living the normal life going to school and watching TV.My parents were also normal.My mom worked at a supermarket and my dad was the manager.I had a babysitter named Linda (she was a little over protective).
Everytime she babysitted she would set up a camera in each room and she would only show my parents if it was something important.We would watch TV in the living room downstairs while the cameras recorded anything suspicious.Stuff started to disapear little things like my moms lipstick or some deodorant,the problem was that it happened during the day when I was at school and Linda’s cameras werent around to captue what it was.My family had bigger problems so we didnt really pay attention to it.One day I got home from school and my parents and Linda were sitting on the couch.My dad was holding Lindas camera and my mom was crying.Linda saw me and made a “come here” gesture.She hugged me and told me that once I leave ill be safe.At the time my dad said that the house was filled with bugs and that we had to leave.

I didnt ask them any questions or what was on the tape because I wasnt interested.But now that im older they showed me the tape last night.It started with Linda setting up the camera and once she left the room a grey man came out of the little door, he looked at the camera and smiled.his eyes were black and his teeth were sharp and yellow just like his nails on his hands and feet.After he looked at the camera he walked over to my bed and started to smell my blankets.Once he was done he went back into the door and took out a few pictures….they were pictures of me sleeping.After the slideshow was over he went back into the little door and that was the only time throughout the entire tape that he came out of his door.I almost went insane.What did he do to me?Is he still there? Was what I asked my parents,they said that they called the police to search for him and that they said that they couldnt find any door.My dad said that he showed them the tape and that it left them speachless.They destroyed the house and nobody knows what happened to the Grey man.

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    love mystery, this was interesting great job

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