The Letter
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I hope you are reading this and I hope you can..see this. you might be brushing this off as a funny joke, or just plain stupid, but I know that you are reading this, so I guess there’s no point for me to..worry. I mean, while your reading this, in the end you might fear this or you might just forget about it. I really hope not though, cause that would be upsetting. I’m not really trying to scare you, I just want to write something. Something did happen here…well to me.

You see I was with my friends and we were all just playing some random, stupid, nonsense game. There was this house at the end of my road, well street. I should’ve haven’t listened to my so called “friends”, they were bullies and they always seemed to play this game..a lot.

It was my turn and I knew that I had it in me, I wouldn’t be all that afraid..But I know I was. The fear of going into this particular house, made you go insane, or just wild. The house had these black shutters next to the windows and the house was gross and black. The stairs had dead bugs on the steps and big moths hanging around on the railings of the stairs. I didn’t want to touch it when I was going up the stairs, but I could hear the crunching sounds of the dead bugs underneath my shoes. It sounded like you wrinkling up a wrapper from a clear little candy bag. I was about to run off, but I knew I couldn’t be a wimp in front of my friends. I stopped at the front door and I could hear them calling to me,

” Come on, don’t be a wimp!”

” Yeah, just go in already!?”

They were getting on my nerves. I reached to get a hold of the door nob and I turned it. I opened the door and went inside. There this horrible stench about the house, I almost puked. There in the house was this table, a table that was just sitting in front of the entrance and a chair. I shut the door behind me and once I knew it, I was playing the game.

The game was that, you had to sit in the chair and stare in front of you. You can blink and stuff, it’s just that you have to write a letter..while your staring. You have to not look at the paper, but write the letter while your staring at nothing. You are staring at something, it’s just that you can’t really see it. it might do stuff to scare you, but the point of it was to not show any fear towards it. It does show it’s self in the end..but you might be scare when you see it.

When I sat down in the chair, I looked down and saw a piece of paper and a pen. I took the pen and held the paper with my left hand, since I was right handed and looked up. There sitting in front of me was a person in black, it didn’t have a face, but I knew it was staring at me. I started to write what I’m writing to you right now, cause all I can now write is that, this creature is not just any creature. It sees what your really afraid of and it knew what I feared. I saw it change right in front my eyes, it turned to something more terrifying than I hope it would. Long hair, a big smile that stretched from ear to ear and their teeth were not teeth. Their teeth were sharp and pointy. A female and it showed what I was most afraid of. So if you’re really reading this letter and you see it on the table in front of you. Please just do me this one thing..Do not.. fear yourself…please…

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