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The door squeaked as I opened it. Strangely the house was quite dark. There was no source of light except the moonlight shining through the thin curtains of the window.

The passage near the door led to other rooms of the house. On the right hand side was the visitor’s room. I took a peek in it. From what I could see in the dark, this room was well decorated by small glass ornaments and an expensive chandelier was hanging in the middle of the huge room. The room looked very elegant.

Right in front of the main door there was another room. This room seemed to be the living room, although it did not check it.

On the left hand side was a staircase which probably led to the bedrooms in the house above.

This passage in which I was present was pretty empty besides an antique counter on the right side. This was placed right beside the door of the visitor’s room. A mirror was placed right above the counter to give it a classy look. The walls were covered with a rich wallpaper with floral patterns on it. As I moved forward I could see my reflection in the mirror. Strangely the light from the moon shone directly on my face as I stood in front of the mirror. I have to admit, I looked good!

Then suddenly I noticed another room which seemed to appear just a few seconds ago. It was right beside the living room door. It was a white door and looked quite light weight. The top half of the door was made of glass. A curtain hanging on the inside concealed the objects of that room.

I am not sure what came into me but I went straight for that white door. As I opened it an ambiguous smell reached my nostrils. This smell was a mixture of baby powder and baby food. It was obvious that this was a child’s room. I entered the room. The room was similar to other rooms. This room too was dark with the light from the moon being the only source of light which entered the room through the curtains on the window.

I also noticed a baby cot at the far end corner of the room. I couldn’t resist. I went to see what was inside the cot. To my surprise a baby was fast asleep in there. I automatically smiled when I looked at the baby. I love kids! I watched the baby as it slept soundly.

Just then I heard a siren go on outside. This was not an ambulance neither a church siren but it was different as I have never heard this before. The sound of the siren ran a chill down my spine. Then there was a THUD at the door. I spun around to see what happened. It was just the white door, I might have left it open. But I don’t remember. The siren continued to ring outside. I turned around to check the baby if he was still asleep but the baby wasn’t there. Instead there was a horrific looking creature in its place. This thing’s eyes were sewed shut so was its mouth. A terrifying shriek came out of its sewed shut mouth. Its fingers were replaced by small knives. The creature was barely wearing anything.

It jumped on me with another loud shriek. I felt its knives enter my arms skin. The pain made me scream. I fell to the ground with the creature continuously assaulting me with his finger knives. Blood splattered all over me as knives were forced in and out of my chest. Then everything became dark. The siren continued as darkness engulfed me.

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  1. Avatar of P.L. DuPee P.L. DuPee says:

    Loved the detail, but im not sure i understand the conclusion. Seemed like it’s only half done or maybe i missed something. good writing though.

  2. Chanchal says:

    hmmm i like this story ……good writing…”Farhan”

  3. Avatar of priyanka priyanka says:

    interesting story Farhan…well done

  4. Avatar of Amit Amit says:

    this story was very well written, you are doing a very good job.

  5. Farhan says:

    Thank you so much for all this guys! and yes this is just the first part. The later parts will shed some light on this Haunted House!!

  6. Yeser says:

    I’m doing something similar to this for my final project, since writing is something i just love, not to mention the joy of creating my own mysterious stories. This one looked interesting to me, however, i noticed a misuse of punctuations, and some minor grammatical mistakes. Yet everything else sounded interesting, i think you’d make a fine writer taking what i mentioned in consideration. Well done, and sorry if i somehow said something you didn’t like ;)

  7. Yeser says:

    LOL, my pleasure man, i enjoyed it actually ;)
    And thanks for letting me know this exists, i posted mine :D Cheers !

  8. Geeta says:

    Its kind of incomplete… but an interesting read…

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