the house at the bottom of the graveyard
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the storie starts with 3 people a girl named rose a boy named michael and another boy named edmond they all are really good friends and like to hang out.

one day they are hanging out at a graveyard 10 mins away from their school they see a house at the bottom of the grave yard and start walking towards it. they finally get their and the windows to house are smashed up and coverd in mud and the door looks like it is going to fall a part with a singal touch of the hand.

its about 9.30 pm and rose says we sould be heading back home or we will be late. edmond says ok and michael says that they should spend the night hear and see if there is any ghost about. michael looks at rose and edmond and says or are you two to chicken to spend the night. they both don’t like the sound of being called chicken and say ok we will spend the night hear but how do we get in frist.

after 5 mins rose finds a window round the back open and gets the others michael gose in frist then rose and edmond they get in the house and its all a mess. their is glass all over the floor and blood on the walls that creeps them all out. they walk around and them find the stairs and walk up them.

we’ll they are walking up rose see a black thing move across the floor form where they just was and heading its way up to them so see runs in front and starts walking next to michael and edmond. they both look at her and then look toward where they are walking.

this time they all hear somthing walking up the stairs so they room and shut the door to the closes room they find and listen to the foot steps get lounder. their hearts beating fash and them out of breath of shoke they cant move at all.

the noise stops for a second and the door handle turns and the door opens at this time they are all hiden be hind the bed not looking but michael lifts his head to have a look and it shokes him. all he can really is a black figuer standing at the door and the sound of people screaming and cry go right thought them all.

they know it was a bad idear to spend the night hear and thats not just it will they even get out alive.

the figuer moves to the side of the bed looking down at them and walks right thought them all making them shake with the coldness of the figuer. they take no chance of staying and run out of the room and towards the stairs rose fall as somthing grabs her food and cuts he arm from top to bottom and edmond and michael grab her pulling hear towards them and not the room they was just it and help her get up and down the stairs slowly and fast at the same time.

they get to the bootm of the stairs and towards the window it is pich black so they have to be careful of the glass and help rose get out fist then edmond michael and run together thought the graveyard and out of it all the way home. as they did get close to there homes they said to each over never to go back there and never to talk about that night as long as they live and they all promised that and went home.

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  1. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    Kings and despots criticize without argument.

    We, in the land of the free and the home of the brave believe in constructive criticism. Say for instance you don’t like a story – say, or put forth an argument as why.

    Anything less sounds . . . personal.

    Continue to write my fine, young writer friend for one day they may well call you a king among writers. Then, those who praise you will be many and those who criticize you will be few. Thank you and good luck. :)

  2. Avatar of Emily Emily says:

    Good idea. but you need to check your spelling and maybe next time try giving the characters life by letting them speak…thats how most readers decide which characters they like, which ones are funny, brave, etc. Keep writing :)

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