The Hell Hound
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Preword: This may seem silly, but the events of this story are actually true. This really happened to my friend and I and we almost died. Read this and enjoy walking at night with a flashlight for the rest of your life.

October 7, 2013

My friend and I were walking home from school. We came late because we stayed after and it was dark. We were walking to his apartment when all of a sudden, we heard growling. When we turned around, we saw a dog.

It was black and really big. There was red on its teeth and it leaped toward us. We dodged it and ran like we jacked someone’s wallet. “What was that ?” I asked my friend. “Hell if I know.” He replied.

The dog was gaining on us. We also saw a man wearing a scarf over his face and had a syringe full of a clear liquid in his hand.

“What the heck does he want?” My friend shouted.

“More importantly, what’s in that syringe?” I shouted back.

“Who cares. What’s on this dog’s teeth?

“I don’t know, but I’m not stopping to ask either one of them.”

We lost the dog and went around the corner. We were exhausted and had to rest. Unfortunately, the man found us. I took a swing at him. He however, caught my hit.

“Calm down, I’m a vet. That dog has rabies.” he said.

“I thought it was a hell hound.” my friend said.

“I was going to inject this rabies shot when the dog bit its owner in the throat and ran out the door.”

“Was that the first time it attacked someone?”

“Oh no. According to the owner, this dog has been chasing, attacking, and biting people for the past month. It actually killed this kid’s Chihuahua and ate part of it.”

“Hate to interrupt story time, but our friend found us.” I said.

The dog leaped at the vet and bit his arm. I picked up the syringe and we ran again. The dog followed us to a wall. My friend tried to hop it, but he fell and broke his arm. The dog attacked him. I injected the shot and the dog dosed off. The vet caught back up.

“Where’s the dog?” he shouted.

“I injected it and now it’s sleep.” I said.

After high fiving one another, we called the police and animal control. My friend got his arm casted up. As we walked home, we heard someone yelling.

“THE DOG IS GONE. TAKE COVER.” someone yelled.

It turns out that the rabies shot was actually a steroid. My apartment complex started to warn the residents about a rabid dog that killed two more people and six other dogs. The dog was never found and is said to still roam the night looking for another kill.

Post-Word: This is NOT a fictional story. People have died from being attacked by this dog. It is still loose today. Just because my friend and I were dumb as fuck don’t mean you have to be. Never run away from a dog unless it’s a rabid one preparing to attack.

Also, NEVER walk alone at night.


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