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In 1865 there was a husband and a wife with two children. the father wanted the mother to love him more than the children. so he set up a trap to kill the children. He called his children upstairs. He had a knife in his hand and as soon as the children stepped in the room. He killed them. Blood stains were everywhere. The father or ex father or murderer was sitting in a brown chair, throwing his knife up and down, and enjoying his victory.

Later the mother or ex mother came in the front door. She called out “JOHN, ANNIE, MARTHA.” She couldn’t figure out why her children didn’t answer. She climbed upstairs. She went in a room. She looked down and saw her two children one the floor ,blood everywhere, she also saw her husband in the brown chair. He held his head up. The mother looked at her husband. To save his guilt he killed himself. The mother ran to or called the police.¬†They came or followed her to the house. They picked up the bodies and left. The mother was depressed for weeks. She couldn’t help it anymore so she hung herself. Years later it was 2017. A family came. It was a family of 5. A mother a Father and 3 little girls. Soon to be four little girls. Maya was the oldest. she was 11 years old she looks like the middle child but she isn’t. Demiah is the second oldest child. she’s 10 years old. She looks like she is the youngest child but she isn’t. Tanisha was the youngest child. She was nine. She looked like the oldest child but she isn’t. On the ride there the mother had the new born baby. The father rushed to the nearest hospital. After the baby was born. The nurse gently put the baby in the mother’s arms. The mother took the baby’s soft hands and said very gentle and soft. ” I will name you meme ” The dad and the three daughters were living in a hotel for a while. After the mother was ready to go. The father checked out the hotel. The girls continued driving to the house. Once they got there. The mother and girls got out. Demiah slipped her hand in Mayas and said “It’s scary. ”
Maya replied “I know it will be alright ” Tanisha hugged her mom. The mother gently stroked her hair.
The mother clapped her hands together and said ” so let’s get our bags I’ll get the baby. Daddy’s trying to turn off the new car.”
The girls turned their head and laughed of how their dad was trying to turn off the car. The girls got their bags and went in the house. There were some blood stains on the floor. Mayas eyes widened. They kept walking in. On the way . Floor boards creaked, more blood stains on the stairs, windows, and walls cracked. When they got in the room. it was enough space for the three girls beds even for four. A few weeks later they got settled. They laughed and played. Four days later strange things started happening. Maya would go in corners and mumble to herself. Every time someone tries to check on her. she would turn her head around and say “THIS IS MY HOUSE!!! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!” The family had enough and took Maya to a mental hospital. After that happened the mother was going crazier than Maya. She would try to kill herself, or the baby, or she was really depressed. She was taken to the mental hospital too. Demiah and Tanisha were really sick of this stuff. But worst they were scared of their dad. His hair was all messed up, he had baggy eyes, and he almost grew a beard. so the girls got enough courage to go to their dad’s office. So they walked down the hall to his office. The baby was always crying . The daddy was always working. They stepped in. Demiah said “daddy.”
Her swung his office chair around and said: “what do you want?”
The girls jumped back. They looked at their dad. He looked hideous. Tanisha bit her lips and said ” We were wondering if we could help you out. Like you work and we cook,clean, and take care of the baby.”
The dad thought for a second and said “deal.” He also did something that he didn’t do in a long time……smile. Tanisha and Demiah smiled too. Tanisha walked over to get the baby supplies and Demiah got the baby. Once the baby was in her arms. She stopped crying. The dad looked surprised and said “How did you do that?”
Demiah was heading out the door and stopped. She replied “I don’t know. I guess she just knows I’m the sister. ” She walks out the door. Tanisha rounded up the rest of the baby supplies. The girls didn’t do this just to help the dad. They did that cause they were scared. They didn’t know what the father was going to do to the baby. He already looked like he was going to kill them. The girls and the baby would stay in the room. They practically lived in their room. They only went out to cook, putsidecleoutsideto play, or wash the dishes. They played in their room and ate dinner. Plus if they want to go somewhere they all go together even the baby so One day The girls went outside with the stroller in the yard. A little boy with ripped jeans and a Nerf T-shirt. He came in the yard. He was kicking a soccer ball. The ball accidentally rolled to the yard. He looked like he was 10 like Demiah. He stopped and looked around. He said “do yall live here?”

“yes . ” Tanisha replied sassy.
He said “oh I’m Neil. This place is Haunted. There were four tragedies here. Two children got killed and the mom and dad hung themselves.”
“THAT’S HORRIBLE! ” Demiah yelled.
Tanisha said “He’s lying come on Demiah!”
Neil said “Well I guess I’ll see yall later. You really fixed up the place ”
Tanisha and Demiah with the stroller went inside. Now it is night. Demiah had her lamp on reading. She got distracted when she heard a car pull up. She pushed the covers off of her and walked up to the window. She was puzzled. Then she saw a little girl and it was MAYA! !!!! Demiah went to Tanisha’s bed and spoke her . she yelled “WAKE UP WAKE UP MAYA IS BACK!!!!”
Tanisha groaned and her eyes shot open. She got up and they ran downstairs. (They forgot the baby. That’s one of their problems when they get to excited or scared they forget really important things) They unlocked the door and Maya came in with a mental doctor. The doctor said “HI um….Maya is ready to come home. She has calmed down. There was really nothing wrong with her.” The girls let Maya in and shut the door on the doctor. They ran upstairs laughing and playing. Soon the girls fell asleep. But Demiah was still reading. She got distracted from a sound in the right corner of her bedroom . She sat up and saw Maya. But it’s like she was possessed or something. She had blood dripping everywhere. She didn’t have any eyes. She was mumbling in a singy songy way. “this is my house this is mine this is my house” Demiah quietly got off the bed and woke Tanisha. Tanisha woke up and saw possessed Maya. She whispered “Pack up the clothes and stuff we can’t live here anymore.” Demiah nodded. The dad made a groaning sound and Maya turned her head around and went to kill the daddy. Demiah was about to go after her but Tanisha pulled her arm and said no without making a sound. Demiah got up and packed up clothes. Tanisha went down the stairs once Demiah got Everyone’s clothes. She even got Mayas for extra. Tanisha went down the steps to the kitchen and Demiah went with her. (Also Demiah packed Technology, games, baby supplies, and clothes plus pictures of how happy they used to be) Tanisha started packing snacks. (possessed ) Maya came down the steps to the kitchen. Demiah whispered “We forgot meme ”
Tanisha replied in a whisper “Give me the stuff. You know that cabin that’s about 20mins from here I’ll be there go past her and meet me there” Demiah nodded. Tanisha went out the kitchen door. Demiah rushed as fast as she could up the stairs. She slipped but got back up. She went to the room and got meme. She was in her crib. Demiah was so strong that she pulled the crib down the steps and me made it. She must be really scared. She rushed it down and went out the back door. Maya followed and came out. She Came out and she didn’t looked possessed anymore. She had on her pink pelican gown. plus she had eyes. Maya said ” what. …..” She passed out. Demiah dragged her all the way to the cabin and Tanisha said “Let’s take her to the hospital.” They carried her to the hospital. The doctor said she was fine. The doctor said “She’s fine but haven’t I seen you three girls before. ”

Demiah quickly replied “no we are midgets ”
The doctor believed him. The Girls brought Maya to the cabin. Maya woke up and said “I’m so sorry.”

Demiah silenced her. “It’s not your fault. ”

Maya said “Let’s start over a new life. We can pretend we are midgets “One of us and can work and two of us can take care of the baby.” The girls laughed and played. One day The mother returned home. She got out the car. Demiah saw her. The Mom stepped in the house. Demiah was about to run to her but Maya stopped her and said ” She’s in. It’s too late” As soon as the mom went in she got possessed. So at night the girls would hear screams of their mother. Making them have guilt. But in the day time they are great but at night. it’s horrible. They are the only ones that can hear the mother scream cause they are her children.

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