The Happening
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The following story I’m about to tell you is completely true.
It was a night in December. About an hour after I’d fallen asleep, I woke from the sounds of footsteps creeping down the hallway. I figured it was my big sister, so I fell back asleep. A few minutes later, I woke up again. I heard the refrigerator open. I threw off my covers, walked to my door, and stepped into the hallway. It was almost completely dark other than the dim light coming from the T.V. in my room. I glanced around. I didn’t see or hear anything. Walking to sister’s room, I found her lying asleep in her bed. Confused, I walked across the kitchen to my parent’s bedroom. They were also fast asleep. I heard someone behind me. Heart thumping in my chest, I slowly turned. There was nobody there. Looking down, I saw bloody footprints leading to my room. I tried to scream, but I felt as if I were suffocating. Very slowly, I walked alongside the path of bloody footprints. Carefully avoiding the blood, I stepped into my room. There was a girl on my floor, covered with blood. She was shaking and twitching. Abruptly, she froze. She lazily turned her head at me. I let out a strangled scream. Her face appeared mangled, bloody, and her eye sockets were empty and illuminated a bright red. I felt my body sway and my eyes rolled back.
The next morning, I woke up in the hospital. My head hurt and my vision was blurry. My mom was bent over me, concern burning in her eyes. After I explained what had happened, I could tell that she wasn’t convinced. As the doctor walked in, she felt my head and told me to get some rest. I was 10 years old then. It’s been 6 years since the incident, and nothing unusual has happened since. We moved to a new house and things couldn’t be better. Nonetheless, I will never forget the event that changed my life forever. For 2 months after the incident, I stayed up and was too afraid to come out my room until the sun came up or my mom came in my room. It was traumatizing and scarring. My mom still thinks I had a bad dream or that it was something I ate. I don’t know if what I saw was a hallucination or not, but I think I didn’t imagine anything that happened that night. My sister had a similar experience. The only difference being that she woke up covered in blood. Our cat was found dead in the laundry basket. We all had a traumatic experience in that house. Later on, we found that my step dad’s uncle had died in that house due to an overdose. No one had known until 2 years of supernatural happenings. No matter what anyone else says or thinks, we know what we saw. We’ll never forget it regardless of scientific evidence. It’s all just rumors. Some people are lucky enough not to have to go through things like my family and I had to. But I’ve never felt stronger.

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  1. Avatar of Josh Josh says:

    Dude, when I read your story, it reminded me of what happened to me a year or two ago. It’s a true story. I’m 11 and here’s the story. This is a true story. I was just playing with my first camera and I took a few pictures. I looked at some of the pictures and in the top left corner of the one picture, I was able to see a face. So I showed my parents and my dad spoted a set of shoulders and a body. A few weeks later, two things happened on the same day! First I was just sitting on my chair, and I saw a shadow or two just walking in the hallway. So I went in the hall to see if anyone was out there and there was nobody. The second sighting was in my bedroom. I was playing Xbox and I looked at my bunkbed, and I saw a laying body fall through my bed and I just ran out of the room to the livingroom. About a few months later, I went into the bathroom with my evp device and asked a few questions and when I listened to it i heared that he said Chucky after I asked him for his name. I showed my mom and she thought it was fake. So soon I took it a step further, trying to capture it on camera. But unfortunatly, I couldn’t get Chucky on camera.

  2. Avatar of Josh Josh says:

    Nice story, and I hope you give more stories. I made a new one up but I have to make some changes. Hope you like my story.

  3. velma golden says:

    Good story, if you say it is true, I believe you, why, well in my younger years, I had something of the same thing, but I was reading a house that my son’s friends had just bought,and had a experience, that they wanted to know what was going on. My son knew that I could do certain things among them see ghosts. so i was asked to read the house, I did, I told them things that they did not know, and to see if I could do what they had been told. They set up the upstairs bedroom, with boxes piled to the ceiling. before I reached the top of the stairs, I stopped,and told them that in the room was a skull head painted on the wall, and that it was covered with boxes.They exchanged looks. I stepped into the room,and pointed out where the head was. No sooner was I finished the middle box flew out at me, behind it was indeed the skull head, my younger son stood in front of the closet, reaching in his hand, suddenly he was being pulled into the closet which was pitch black, with the help of the others, we pulled him back out which he ran out the door, and refused to reenter the house. There is a lot more, but will save it for another time. Thank you for your story

  4. Avatar of Apollo Apollo says:

    very fantastic story brittaney!!!

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