The Halloween store
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“Please stop that,” Matthew heard in a wisper. He looked around and saw two employees standing behind the counter too busy talking to notice him. He glanced around the store but no one was paying any attention to him. He shrugged it off and continued hitting the prop clown with a toy sword. Matthew dropped the sword onto the floor and walked over to the counter. There he saw two men standing at the front. One had a nametag with AL written on it the other said KYLE F.
“Um excuse me sir.” Matthew interrupted with his tiny eight-year-old voice.
“Yes?” Al asked.
“Um, do you guys have a section for toy guns?”
“Yes we do, its to the right of the store next to the restroom,” Al pointed then turned back around and continued his conversation.

Matthew found a plethora of toys. First he picked up an ax and started swinging it around then he saw a toy ghost hanging from an isle next to him. He hacked at it as though it was a piñata. The ax finally broke but the ghost still stood there. He grabbed a big wooden staff and finished off the ghost. It lay broken on the floor.
“Please stop that,” Matthew heard again and looked around but didn’t spot anyone near. He walked to the back of the store dragging the staff creating that noise he loved. The sound right before PLAY TIME. At the end of the store he found zombies, mummies, skeletons dressed up as death, and weird clown props. Devil heads hung from isles along with assorted body parts. The carnage began. He began swinging at everything. The death skeleton cracked then broke apart. The devil’s head hit straight off the rope that hung them up. The mummy hit off the wall fell to the floor where Matthew brought down the staff to a crushing blow sending parts all over the floor.
“Please stop that,” Matthew heard again this time ignoring it. He continued hitting and swinging.
“HEY, Please stop that!” An employee grabbed the staff out of his hand. His nametag read KYLE H. Kyle saw the mess and a small tear went down his cheek, not out of sadness for the destruction, but out of sadness for having to clean it up.

“Hey kid how would you like it if people did this to you? Everyday you come in here and it’s always the same thing.” Matthew ignored him.
“Um, where is the restroom at?”
“It’s down the hall and on the left, but we close in 2 minutes so hurry up.” Kyle began putting the parts in a cart.

Matthew calmly strolled through the store till he came to the hallway. It was pitch black so he waited for his eyes to adjust and then slowly walked down the hall. It was wide but boxes of broken toys and props lay stacked on each side. He heard some movement maybe the store adjusting and he found himself at the end. He was standing in a dark room where there were hangers and wires and a big rusty water heater. No restroom. He stepped carefully back to where he started but this time the whole store was dark. A few things lit up the room. As Matthew walked deeper into the store he realized it was the props eyes. Again another shuffle. The store adjusting? Matthew found the front of the store but it was inaccessible. Prop caution tape wrapped around the handles and blocked all the windows. When he turned back around he saw that every prop and manikin peered at him. He turned back around and tried crying out for help, kicking at the door and trying to pull the tape off. Again another shuffle. He looked over his shoulder and saw everything in the store even closer to him. He heard something dragging in the background. Then he remembered that sound. It was the same sound of the staff he used earlier… right before PLAY TIME…

Al opened the store the next morning human body parts lay all over the floor. A tear ran down his cheek, not for the gruesome horror, but because he had to clean it up.

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