The Graveyard: Part 3 Damien Reaper
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I returned to find myself in the Black Forest, But not in my grave where those heathens buried me. But standing above it as a shot came without warning a spirit that was one of The Minister’s victims became The Banshee.  She demanded who was in her Forest and she looked at the demon that stands before her. I am Damien Reaper, I was brought back to earth to kill my father and anyone who has his bloodline or anyone who stands in my way alive or undead alike will feel my wrath. So you are his son asked Banshee. He was no father of mine Girl!!, I was Rose Ann’s only child and I plan on killing him for her and for all of these Unfortunate women, And If you want me to end his life you will get the hell out of my way now. Banshee stepped aside and advised, A Warning it is 30 years later after your murder, The Minister will be protected by armed guards and He lives in your home. I’m a force from Hell, there just meatbags.

I walked unto the town where My Father has turned this unto his Kingdom. I watched in shadows as a Guard would drag a young lady from a bar unto an Alley way. I knew those eyes It was the one that killed me… Andrew. Both sinned so I can’t let her go either, though I don’t want her soul, This is my job.

OK bit*ch, I got the gun, You get on your knees and Baby I like it when tears in your eyes. Your an ass*ole cried the young lady. The sounds of heavy footsteps echoed in the Alley. As both turned to see there was no one walking. I whispered hello next to his head, he jumped back and tripped backwards breaking his ankle. I turned my attention on her as she screamed, I picked her up by her neck and Your pretty but it is your lifestyle that has brought this fate a pond you Girl.   As I drained her of her soul,  A frightened Andrew tried to move as I stepped on his ankle. He screamed What are you?!!  What can’t you see me Andrew, I told you.. your cursed boy. I grabbed his head, Look at what you and My Father created!!! And these will be the final sight that you will see. I took my fingers stuck it into his eye sockets and pulled out his eyes as he was screaming. He did try to fight back as I split his chest skin open. I have a great power that can keep a person alive until I have his soul so he or she can feel every last second of pain and agony. Before I let you die, Creep. Where is The Minster. He spoke one word Wedding, I took his soul and sent to Hell. I didn’t want his soul to absorb within me. I’ll let Natas teach him a thing or two about pain and Hell.

In Hell

I thought I was going to Heaven after I died. Even without eyes I see this is Hell and I know who you are. I am your King and I need another Prince proclaimed Natas.  You shall be known as The Creep, Go to the 7th gate of Hell destroy every pervert and sloth and eat there flesh you will become strong enough to fight with Damien. Why should I fight with him, without him I would be here.

Without him, You wouldn’t have power and what do you want??
I want it all!!! screamed The Creep.

The Wedding: Damien Reaper   part 4


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    i like this story. nice job man… keep writing.. :)

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