The Girl : Part 2
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Ramon was ripping his hair out!!!!!! Casey and I looked on in horror.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

Ramon did not answer. Casey approached Ramon. Before he could tap him, Ramon backhands him so hard that he is sent flying into the wall. Ramon then turns around, revealing red eyes and pointed teeth.

“You. YOU DID THIS TO ME. NOW, IT’S TIME.” he yells.

“Time for what?” Casey asks.

“Time for you to see the monster I see.”

Ramon lunges at me and I side step. I threw a punch, but Ramon caught it and punched me. Casey and I ran out of the bathroom with a demonized Ramon in hot pursuit. We bump into Mila and Deanna.

“Run. Something’s after us. It looks like Ramon, but it isn’t.” Casey said.

Ramon came speeding at us. The four of us ran. We lost Ramon, but bumped into Daisy. She looked as if she were crying. In her hand was a pair of nunchucks.


“How is this our fault?” Mila asks.

Daisy whacks Casey, me, and Mila. Strangely, she doesn’t hit Deanna. The now demon Ramon runs up to Daisy. He goes for a kiss, but she pushes him.

“You’re not the real Ramon. I don’t want anything to do with you,” said Daisy.

The demon sheds the Ramon look and reveals his true form. I punch him in the face and no harm is done. He punches me and I’m sent flying into Deanna’s locker.

“Casey, hold him off. I got a plan.” I said from inside the locker.

Casey tries his hand at fighting to no avail. The demon pummels Casey in front of a terrified Mila. Deanna lets me out and I have a sword that will banish him from our dimension. I stab him in the chest and he vanished.

“Is everyone alright?” Deanna asks.

“Yeah.” said Mila.

“I’m fine,” I said.

“I’m NOT fine. Why didn’t you help?” Casey yells.

“I was locked in Deanna’s locker.”

We walked into the cafeteria. Deanna and Mila asked us to wait for them. We got in line. We could hear Deanna and Mila talk.

“Would your parents be cool if you came to my house? I live down the street from you.” Deanna asked.

“I don’t know. What are we doing?” Mila replied.

“Studying,” Deanna said, grabbing Mila’s waist.

“Studying what?”

“Science. Oh, and if you tutor me, once we are finished, we could study each other.”

“I’ll ask Daddy. By the way, I’m not ready for that yet. Won’t it hurt?”

“Only with boys and your body is just underdeveloped. You’ll get used to it.”

Deanna and Mila kiss, much to my arousal and Casey’s. Then, they join us in line. After lunch, we are approached by the principal.

“Hi Daddy.” Mila says.

“Hello sweetie. Casey, Elijah, I need a minute with my daughter.” He says.

Casey and I walked around the corner, eavesdropping.

“I’m hearing rumors that you’re bisexual. Are they true?” he asked.

“No, Daddy. Not true at all. They’re just picking on me. It hurts that you believe them.” Mila said, with tears in her eyes.

He hugs her as she’s crying.

“Honey, I don’t believe them. In fact, I’m gonna give them all a week of detention. Does that make you feel better?”

“MM – HMM. Daddy, can I go to my friend’s house to help her study?”

“Yes honey. Just call if you want to spend the night.”

He kisses her on the forehead and walked away. Deanna jumped up in happiness. They shared another kiss. Me and Casey walked back toward them. Now was my chance.

“Mila, can I kiss you?” I asked.

“Sure, let’s do it before Daddy sees.”

I placed my hands on her waist. Just when we were about to kiss, the bell rung. Mila pulled away.

“Sorry. I have to go. Maybe some other time.” Mila said.

Deanna and Mila tried to kiss, but they stopped when they saw us.

“It’s okay.” Casey said.

“We know all about your relationship.” I added.

They kissed in front of us. Deanna grabbed Mila’s butt. Mila pulled away again.

“Okay. Keep the action away from there.” Mila said.

They walked to Deanna’s house.

“See you tomorrow.” they both said.


Mila didn’t show up today. We asked the principal if he seen her.

Of course, he didn’t. My phone rung suddenly. It was Mila.

“Hello.” I said.

“HELP. Deanna is crazy. She tied me up last night. I told her I had to go to the bathroom so she would untie me.”

Before she could finish, Deanna found her and Mila screamed before the phone hung up. When we got to Deanna’s house, every window was shut. We walked into her room and found Mila tied to the bed. Before we could untie her, Deanna hit Casey with a lead pipe in the ankle. I ducked the hit she swung at me. She walked out of the room.

“No you don’t.” I said.

“Casey, untie Mila. I’ll follow Deanna.”

I followed her into the living room. I threw and connected two punches. I tried to capitalize, but got caught with a pipe shot to the arm and a series of punches and kicks. I was about to be finished with a pipe to the face, when Mila tackles her.

The pipe is sent flying to the other side of the room. Mila and Deanna were scrambling for the pipe. Deanna had the upper hand. Just when they were reaching the pipe, Casey gave me an idea.

“Hey, I’ll kiss whoever wins.” I said.

Mila grabbed the pipe and hit Deanna in the face.

“Brutal.” Casey said.

Deanna smacked Mila so hard, there was a dent in the wall. She picked up the pipe and headed toward Mila. I grabbed her arm and kissed her. She paused long enough for Mila to knock her out with a punch.

“It’s over and by the way it’s not me, it’s you.” Mila said.

I tried to hug Mila, but got kicked in the area. Casey fell on the floor laughing. Mila started crying again.

“I thought you loved me.” she whined.

“I do Mila. I do.”

“Why’d you kiss her? Is she prettier than me?”

“No. It was just a distraction. Besides, my kisses are way more passionate.”

I grabbed Mila and kissed her deeply. When I pulled away, she pulled me back. I couldn’t help but grab her butt like Deanna did. Now she pulled away.

“Woah. Okay, slow down. You’ll get this eventually. Now call the cops.” she said.

“Oh Casey, you’ll get some too.”


Casey, Mila, and I were back in school. Mila’s dad no longer lets her go over to people’s houses. As of now, Mila has officially started her period. She showed her little pad to me and Casey. Casey has a new girlfriend named Jasmine.

Daisy still has attitude problems. She also has a new boyfriend named Marco. As for Ramon, he isn’t dead. It turns out that he was just in a coma. On the bright side, his attitude Beyond better and he stopped picking on me and Casey.

Deanna hung herself in jail. As for me, here I am. Right under the bed with a huge knife, getting ready to slit your throat. ???????? R.I.P.

Just kidding. Hope I didn’t scare you too much.


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