The Girl : Part 1
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My friend, Casey and I were walking to lunch after the fourth period. Unfortunately, today was Monday and because of our principal’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Mila, we have to eat veggie patties every Monday.

“Dude, this sucks. Just because she eats sticks and leaves doesn’t mean we eat it.” Casey said.

“This is why I just get the pizza.” I replied.

Mila walked past us. She flashed a smile at us. She was the principal’s daughter, but she was a sweet girl. A bit cute too, she had long brown hair and shiny white teeth. She was a cute little white girl, in my grade too.

“Hey Casey. Elijah.” she said.

“Hello. Now, what’s up with these veggie patties. Can’t your dad change it to food.” I asked.

“Silly Eli, You know I can’t ask daddy to change any of my decisions.”

“Please, Mila. I will do anything.”

“Sorry, daddy’s say is final.”

The bell was rung and we were all due to the fifth period. Mila had a gym and she gets picked on a lot. She gets scared to go there alone.

“You want us to walk you to the gym,” Casey asked.

“Sure. Just don’t be late.”

We were walking and we were approached by Daisy, the hottest girl in the school. However, in contrast to looks, she was not nice. She had a reason to pick on everyone. For example, she hated Casey for being overweight, me for saying and doing random things, and Mila for being the principal’s daughter.

“Watch out losers. Hanging out with the principal’s daughter, wait till I tell Ramon.” she says.

“Who’s Ramon?” Mila asked.

“My boyfriend. Something you will never get honey. Don’t cross me or you will be hurt by my Ramon. Casey and Eli remember, don’t you?”

“How do you know she won’t get a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Of everything stupid you said,
that tops it. She isn’t like me. She’s just trash, ugly trash.”

Ramon walks up and kisses Daisy, much to me and Casey’s disgust. He then glares at me.

“Why are you questioning my baby girl? You remember what happened last time, right?” he gloats.

“Speak of the devil,” Casey whispered.

“What was that, fat ass?”

“Screw you.”

Ramon punched Casey and gave him a black eye. Daisy cheers and gives him another kiss. As I checked on Casey, Ramon punched me in the back of the head and slung me into the metal door.

“See Mila, you will never have a boyfriend because you are like these two, weak, pathetic, and ugly.” Daisy claims. She then walks off with Ramon. I had to say something.

“Ramon. Daisy. Remember this, the ultimate enemy of a man is himself.” I yelled.

“I’m a girl, idiot. There you are saying random things AGAIN.” she yelled back.

Mila started crying and I felt bad. I picked myself up and gave her a huge hug. Casey got up and joined us. We walked her to the gym and realized we were ten minutes late for orchestra.

We got passes and ice and walked to the orchestra. Our teacher,
Mr. Grey was not happy, but at the same time not mad. He, along with every kid in that class was in shock. Everyone stopped playing their instruments.

“Where were you two and what happened.” Mr. Grey asked.

“Walking Mila to the gym. Oh, and Ramon happened.” we both replied.

He told us to sit down. When we got to our chair, there was a girl in my seat. I tapped her on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, you’re in my seat.” I said.

“Sorry, I will find another.” the girl said.

She had blonde hair with red at the ends. Her body was good too. All I needed was the icing on this cake. She turned around and smiled at me. I feel bad now, she was beautiful and seemed innocent. I grabbed another chair and sat it by me.

“On second thoughts, you can sit here.” Casey said, also seeing her beauty.

She sat down. I felt a warm feeling in my body and suddenly, my jeans pitched up like a tent. My first erection, I heard of them before and was curious. She must have seen it because she was staring dead at me.

“What’s your name?” Casey asked.

“Deanna.” she replied.

Man, her voice was beautiful. The bell rung and we walked to sixth period. We encountered Daisy and Ramon again.

“Got a new loser to hang with. At least this one looks half decent.” Daisy sneered.

“Look who’s talking.” Casey replied.

Ramon punched Casey again. I shoved him to check on Casey.

“You best quit hitting my friend,” I shouted.

“What happens if I don’t?” he replied.

I stood there, staring at Deanna. She smiled and winked at me. Suddenly, Ramon swung at me and I ducked it faster than ever.

“Not even close,” I said.

Confused, he threw two more swings and an uppercut. I ducked the swings and the uppercut.

“Can’t touch this,” I said.

Deanna laughed and smiled at me again. I smiled back as every one

of my hits landed. I jabbed again and again then, I hit an uppercut that knocked him out.

“Casey, I knocked Ramon out.”

“No way.”

“It happened. My reflexes were faster than normal.”

I stared at a smiling Deanna. She was talking to Mila, who was shocked. I ran up to them. I smiled at Deanna.

“Would you like to hang out with us sometime?” I asked.

“Sure, I could use a couple of friends.” Deanna assured.

Daisy tried to punch Deanna but, Deanna was quick and she dodged it. She gave an angry look at Daisy. She is so beautiful.

“Look deep into the mirror and say your name three times. Then, you will see the monster you are,” she stated.

Daisy ran away and Ramon got up. Deanna gave him that same look.

“Same with you. Look deep into a mirror and say your name three times. Then, you will see the monster you are.”

I hugged Deanna.

“Thanks so much. If there’s anything you need, let us know.” Mila said.

“There’s one thing. It’s a girl thing.”
Casey and I walked around the hall.

“What do you need?” asked Mila.

“I need you to promise not to tell Casey or Eli.”

She grabbed Mila’s hands and kissed her on the lips. Mila pulled away in disgust.

“Don’t tell them this, but I’m bisexual.”

“You could have just told me. You didn’t have to kiss me.” Mila responded.

“Sorry, you’re just so cute. I couldn’t help it.”

“No. I mean, you didn’t have to force a kiss.”

Mila kissed her back and held her

“I never told anyone that I was bisexual. Even daddy doesn’t know and he’s the principal here.”

They kissed a little more and talked casually. Casey and I watched. No one can blame us, it’s cute when girls kiss each other.

The next day, Casey and I were in the bathroom, when we saw a horrific sight.

To be continued………………………….

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