The Gang. {one of my letter key’s broke}
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Patrick: Tall, blond hair, gray eye’s, kind, strong.

Lisa: Short, Brown hair, brown eye’s, kind, not that strong.
Jack: Short, red head, Brown eye’s, nerdy, weak.
Bethany: Brown hair, brown eye’s, mean, strong.
Blade, {girl} Blond hair, Brown eye’s, mean, strong.
Star, Hair changes color, Black eye’s, kind, very strong.

4 week’s ago a boy only 15 was walking on the dark street’s of New York. It was 2015 and the world was going threw a Zombie problem, the boy who’s name is {Patrick} was trying to find his Family. Little did he know that, they were not to far from him. Now they are together, and are going threw family problems… {Lisa the oldest, Jack the nerd, Patrick the hot one, Bethany the jerk, and Blade the hater.} Patrick: “Lisa where are we going to go?” Lisa: “I’m not…Look I think I see some one!” They all looked to see a girl who looked 15 walking alone, tried, starving, sad.

Jack: “I think we might need to see if it is not bitten…” Blade: “I say we kill it.” Patrick: “Be nice blade, or I’ll grant a death wish for YA.” Blade: “Fine.” They all slowly walked over to her yet not to close to her. Lisa: “Hey YA been Bitten?” The girl look’s at Lisa.
Star has been on her own for a long time. She has special powers that are not limited at all, when she see’s this gang of kids age’s from 14 to 10, She dose not know how to react to them. Star: “No I’m not bitten, any of YA bitten?” Lisa: “No we’re all good.”

They all stand there in silence. Jack: “How is thy hair changing color?!” Patrick: “Jack that was mean…” Jack: “Sorry..” Star: “That’s ok… I cant tell it’s a secret.” Jack: “I get what YA mean.” Patrick: “I’m Pat, this is Lisa, Blade, Bethany, and Jack.” Star: “Hello. My name is Star.” Patrick: “Nice name Star.” Star: “Thanks.”
Patrick was the first to walk towards Star. Patrick: “So Star where are YA going?” Star takes a step back from where he was standing in front of her. Star: “Any where I want to go.” The other’s come in closer, ready to strike if they need to. Patrick: “If YA want Star, YA can join are Gang.” Star: “Okay…” Star was thinking what am I doing I don’t even know these people! While blade and the other’s were think one bad thing and she is dead.

They get to a roof top and rest, Star sat on the edge of the old roof. Patrick joined her, he kept some distance from her. Star: “Hello…” Patrick: “Hi, I got to ask YA something…” Star: “Okay???” He hesitated for a second. Patrick: “What’s with YAR arm, not trying to be not polite…?” Star: “I got attacked bye some gang of three.” Patrick: -sigh of relief- “I thought that it was a bite… I’m sorry for thinking that…”

Star didn’t say any thing. She fainted, Patrick grab her before she fell off the roof of the Store they were on. Lisa: “What’s wrong?!?” Lisa came running over to help him. Patrick: “Her arm is bleeding real bad, we got to help her! Get some thing’s to fix her arm with!” They all ran to get thing’s, Patrick took off the old bandage and examined the arm. He began to stich it p and re rap it.

Blade Fall’s off after some of the roof collapsed, they scream, Zombies begin to come for them. Patrick grab’s Star tightly, then he grab’s Lisa. Bethany, Blade, and Jack all fell to the black top parking lot, and died as the zombies ate p their flesh. Patrick was trying to keep his footing so he can keep a hold of his sister and Star. Lisa: “Let me go I have to save them!!!” Patrick: “their dead!!!” Star wake’s and see’s what’s going on and take’s on the problem very fast. Star: “I’m sorry…” Lisa: “there is nothing we can do…” Patrick: “Lisa can YA make it to that shelf?” Lisa: “I’ll try.” She tried and missed she fell to the hard floor and cracked open her head. Patrick closed his eye’s tear’s fell, Star grab onto Pat’s shirt.

“Every thing will be okay!” I man yelled. “I will get ya a latter!!!” He ran off and got them a latter, they slowly came down, the man had a rifle. “Hand me any thing ya got that is worth money!” Star handed him her shoe’s, and any jewelry, the man looked amazed then he took off. Patrick: “I’ll carry YA.” Star: “No… I’m gonna go my own way I think…” Patrick: “Please don’t, ya the only thing I got left…” Star: “Ok” She held her arm’s circa his chest. Patrick: “We will go the way we came to find some more thing’s….” Star: “Okay.” she let go and he bent down so she can get on his back for a piggy back ride.

They walked off… they were never fond nor heard of since that day. Some say she killed him other say he killed her then himself. And some have even said they live till this day… and they are marry to each other. Or they killed each other at the same time.

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