The game of hide and seek
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As I ran I could hear a sort of stomp run being me. Two maybe three men? Well I never caught a good look of their faces or how many-I was to busy running from them. My legs ached but I still had to run if I didn’t..I’m not sure what would happen to me. They Finally caught up to me two tall young men with dark brown eye’s they put a cloth up to my face and I blacked out.

When I ‘woke’ up I noticed the gag in my mouth right way. I was laying down upon finding out I was in a wooden coffin-like thing. I had to have been buried and sure enough I was….I screamed and kicked but it didn’t help at all…. So I stopped. For a minute or two I just laid there..thinking.

After the few minutes of thinking I started fiddling with the poorly tied rope holding my hands. It didn’t really take that long to get it off and free my hands. Just then I heard footsteps approaching and and something digging at the dirt above me.Thank god I m saved saved that’s all I thought. But at the moment the wooden coffin swung open to reveal-Yep you guessed it one of the men.

He held the cloth up to my mouth again but nothing happened so I lay there pretending I blacked out. Just then I was swiftly picked up and then carried to a pickup truck. Then the other man appeared from the side of the pickup truck Saying “Aw you found her and pretty quickly to”. The man who way carrying me said “Ha..No biggie it was easy and yours…Well lets just say she’ll be drowning in a few minutes if you don’t hurry”.

I was astonished to hear that there were others but then again they did kidnap me so I wasn’t really confused after a second or two. When the other man left to get his ‘hidden object’ I swiftly without being noticed reached into the man’s pocket and pulled out the keys and a short dagger. Without thinking I stabbed the man who was carrying me in the neck. He dropped down dead quickly. I jumped into the pickup truck and drove off.

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