The Final Frontier Part one
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“So you mean to tell me a careless fucking bar tender did this?!” Said Joe as he slammed his fist against the cold metal wall of the bunker. “I don’t know how, but that’s what the rumors are!” Screams Joy from across the bunker, her voice bouncing back off the steel walls in a rumble of anger. I sat there in a corner with a sigh, staring up at these two people in unconscious anger.

I think I’ve skipped ahead a bit, my name is Elena Owens. Now, you may be asking yourself; ‘Oh what did the bartender do?!, Elena go away so we can hear what happened!’ Well no, I will not, I’d like to catch you guys up on a few things. It started in June, the first of these…things, appeared. Their flesh rots off of the bone, their limbs just…fall off. They’re remind me of the media portrayed zombies, but these things…They cannot, they just cannot be zombies. Zombie’s don’t scream to alert others, zombie’s don’t mutate into spider like humans, and they sure as hell don’t bloat up to the size of a mountain, only to spew their stomach contents at you in a hopes to kill you. I’ve heard the stories, I’ve watched the movies, and I’ve played the games, these are nothing like the media monsters. This is something far worse.

I remember when this started, I was 13, coming home from school. I got off the bus to go into my own house, and there they were; attacking a Screech (The monster whom alerts positions), and a small spider, attacking my parents. Being a kid I thought it was just another person in costume, or some strange animal, I had NO idea how fucked up things were getting. My dad–still able to yell over the screech’s unbearable screams–told me to go upstairs and get his gun. I’ve never used a gun before, so I was scared. But, then again any girl coming home from boring school to find her parents being maimed may be a little frightened by the ordeal. I quickly ran up the stairs, zipping into my fathers room. I took a deep breath, trying not to take to long as I quickly grabbed his hand gun, just in case taking a few bullets from the night stand drawer they were both located in. I shoved the bullets into my back pack, taking in another huff of air as I walked slowly down the stairs, hoping not to alert the screech any further, my mother was gone. I don’t know if she died, or if she fled. My dad was still trying to fight them off with a baseball bat we keep under the counter in case of intrusions. One hell of an intrusion this was! I quickly raised the gun, my hands were shaking as I pulled the hammer back. I closed my eyes, hoping I would hit the screech first as the spider was obviously more powerful. I squeezed the trigger of the revolver and the bullet soared through the screech’s head, causing her–or it–to fall to the floor in silence. I stood there amazed I was able to hit the monster on my first shot, and before I knew it my dad was falling to the floor in agony. The spider was attacking him relentlessly and I quickly snapped back to myself and aimed the gun for the spiders head, unloading the chamber of bullets into his head. He eventually fell down dead, but to no avail, so did my father.

I knew staying at home was suicide, but I couldn’t leave my dad, even if he was just a corpse, even if he was going to come back as one of those…things. I let out a sob, backing myself against a wall as I fell to the ground. I dropped the gun to the floor as I cried into my hands. ‘If I had only been there sooner..’ I thought to myself as I pulled my knees to my chest, pure raw emotion leaking out of my every pour. As if it was god’s cruel joke I heard a bang at the door, a scowl of anger and new found depression crossed my face as I grabbed the revolver which fell next to hip. Peering out the window I held back my emotion, an expression of rage flew over my face as I saw it was a typical ‘zombie’ trying to break down my door. Opening the door would mean inviting it and it’s friends in for a little girl vs. apocalypse show down, and I was by no means prepared for that.

To be continued…..

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