The Farm House
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Pre-story : Old Phillip Croaker had an amazing farm and a big house until a drought hit. He had to kill his cows and his chicken to survive. When all the animals were gone, there was nothing left. Then, some kids walked into his house. None of them came out. The parents of those kids found the partially eaten remains of them and burned the house down. Unfortunately, he was in the house. He managed to get out alive but, with most of his face burnt horrifically. Now, he haunts the farm with the intention of eating anyone who trespasses. There are three hints that mark his arrival. One, you will hear a soft, slashing sound. Two, you will hear thunderous footsteps. Three, a tall shadow will fall over you and he kills you. Remember the signs and my warning.


The horror club chose to visit the Croaker farm. They consist of Tim, Nick, Rachael, London, Kierra, Sid, Kim, and Frank. As they were driving through the town of Russel, one of the tires broke apart. Frank steps out of his van and sees the tire.

“What moron leaves a bear trap in the middle of the road.” Frank shouted.

“Calm down baby.” said his girlfriend Sid.

London waves down the sheriff and his deputy who just happened to be driving by. He directed them to the van.

“What happened here?”asked the sheriff.

“Some idiot left a bear trap in the middle of the road being stupid.” Frank says.

“When did this happen?” asked the deputy.

“Just now. When I find out who left this here, I’m gonna kick his ass.”

“Calm down young man. We don’t need any trouble.”

“I’m not calming shit down. Find this jackass and arrest him.”

“You’ll be arrested if you don’t calm down.”

” Oh well. Just find this jackass and arrest him.”

“You’re under arrest kid.”

Frank turned around and the deputy cuffed him and walked him to the car.

“As for the rest of you, y’all fucked until morning. You can stay in my old farmhouse, it’s just down the street. In fact, it’s walking distance.” said the sheriff. He walked them to a big, white farmhouse.

“Whoa, that’s huge.” Kierra said.

“That’s what she said about my dick.” Tim whispered to London. They checked out the house.

“Alright. There are four bedrooms. Kim and Kierra get room one. Rachel and Nick get room two. Sid gets room three. London and I get the last room.” Tim announced.

After going to their rooms, they went outside to look around. The sheriff walks up with a pot of chilli. He hands it to Tim.

“Y’all might be hungry. It’s my mom’s recipe.” he says.

At around 8:30, they all went to bed, except for Nick.

“I can’t sleep. I am going to walk around.” He says.

Nick walks out of the house and sees a barn. A slashing sound is heard. Nick also hears footsteps behind him. When he turns around, he sees a tall shadow on the ground. Nick looks up and sees a man with a pumpkin on his head and an ax in his hand. Before Nick could let out a gasp, the man swings the ax and it cuts into Nick’s chest. Nick falls lifeless on the ground.

The next morning, Rachael wakes up and noticed that Nick never returned last night.

“Has anyone seen Nick?” asked Rachael.

“Not since last night.” says Tim.

Everyone else wakes up and goes downstairs for chilli. After eating, everybody starts looking for Nick.

“Nick, where are you?” shouted London.

Rachel runs to the bathroom. As her urine splashed against the water, Tim started listening in. However, Kim spots him.

“What are you doing, perv?” asked Kim.

“Oh, nothing.” He replies.

Rachel walks out of the bathroom. Kim looks at Tim angrily. London and Kierra walk into the barn. They look around and start making out. Unknown to them, the man who killed Nick is watching them. He grabs a pitchfork and stabs London in the back, thus killing him. He admires Kierra for a second. She was beautiful. Kierra had a peachy skin color and silky brown hair. He got an erection and appeared to let her go. However, he grabs her and impales her on the pitchfork.

“Great, just great. Now London and Kierra are gone.” says Tim.

“Let’s just call the sheriff and tell him to help us look for them.” Kim replies.

At the sheriff’s office, Frank is in his cell.

“I need to get out of here to go to the Croaker farm.” he shouts.

“Why do you need to go there?” asked the deputy.

“My friends and I are the horror club. We go to haunted places to explore them.”

“Your friends are at the sheriff’s farmhouse.”

“Let me out of here. I can’t hang out here all night, I have a life.”

The phone rings suddenly. The deputy answers it and runs to the door.

.”Where are you going? asked an angry Frank.

“I can’t hang out here all night, I have a life.”

“Well, at least let me come.”

“Fine, but you’re coming right back here. The sheriff will have my ass if I let you go.”

The deputy opens the cell and walks Frank to the car. Tim, Rachael, and Kim wait for the sheriff to return. They all hear a slashing sound. They also hear footsteps and sees a shadow. When they look up, the man’s pumpkin face stares a them and swings a sickle. Rachel and Kim duck, but Tim is struck in the side of the head. They run into the barn.

As soon as they ran into the barn, they see London’s body. Kierra’s is next to him. Rachael turns around into Nick’s body. She sees a shovel and comes up with a plan.

“I’m over here you sick bastard.” Kim shouts.

He chases Kim back into the barn where Rachael hits him with the shovel. The pumpkin breaks, revealing the killer as a disfigured Phillip Croaker. His burnt face stared a cold stare, a creepy stare, one that will be remembered for years. He catches the next shot and knocks Kim out. Rachel runs back to the house with Croaker in hot pursuit. She hides in the closet.

“Come out little lady. Ain’t no use running. I lived here for ten years. I know this whole farm inside and out.” Croaker yells.

He walks up to the closet and then walks off. Rachel runs out, thinking it’s safe.

“Peek a boo.” He says.

Rachel runs out, almost getting run over by the deputy. Croaker stabs Rachael as the sheriff and deputy shoot him. After six shots, Croaker falls lifeless on the ground.


Rachel and Frank are married with two kids. They flash back to the events from six years ago.

“We are never leaving the city again.” Rachel says.


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