The End of Everything
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Time has passsd since the last time ive seen a human being. Time has passed since the last time ive seen a living anything. The virus has taken over so much in the last few years. Destroying, Killing everything. Its been so long ive lost any idea of what the date or time is. It hurts you know? Knowing that everyone you were close to is now wandering the earth with no soul with only one thing on its mind. To kill and Eat anything living. It hurts even worse when you have to put then out of there misery…..but cant.

Its been a year since ive seen my mother. The last thing I remember about us together was so long ago. But still pretty vivid. We were at the grocery shop together. It was a dark rainy afternoon. The grocery store was pretty empty but thats just Detroit. We just grabbed the last bottle of Cracked Corn Syrup when we heard a growl from the back of the store. Mom turned around and stood in place. I was so curious on what was going on. Then I knew. Out from behind boxes came a man. Sprinting towards us all covered in blood. I was scared out of my mind and whanted out of there. I started to run back the the front of the store but noticed something completely wrong. My mom wasnt moving! I stood there shouting her name trying to get her to follow since I was to afraid of going back for her. “MOM”!! I shouted over and over. “MOM! COME ON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! COME ON!! MOOOOOM!!!!” It was over. She wouldnt move. Not one inch. I heard growling around me. I turned to the front of the store and seen something you cant un see once you have seen it. A zombie family. The dad was slowly limping towards me. The mom was to spaced out like she was popped up on rufies. The little boy was slowly walking across the register isle and the little girl. The little girl. Poor thing was standing there playing with its intestines while holding a little brown teddy bear with one ear and overalls that read “Im with mommys most loved”. I ran off to the side heading for the doors to outside. I couldnt stop. Not even for mom. I just had to keep going. Run! Run! Run! Finaly outside! Good. Now. To the car! I sprinted directly for our 2003 Red Sadan and stopped. Thats when I broke down. I turned to the sound of mouns and crying. Slowly out away from the store and bushes…was my mom. I waved and screamed “MOM”! out of joy. But. Then she started to sprint at me. I was so confused. She looked pissed. She. My loveable mom. Was now. A flesh eating, rotting corpse, trying to kill me. I jumped in the car and locked the doors. I was scared and had no idea what to do. So. I reached into the back seat of the car. And grabbed my great grand pappies m14 hunting rifle. And sat there. In the car. Upset and alone, watching my now undead mother claw at the window. My name is Jason Benich. And this is my journal to The End of Everything.

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