The Door Below the Stairs
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My parents & I moved into an old two story house when I was little. I was possibly eight around that time. Like any child my age, I was afraid of that old house. Every creak & peal made me jump as I lied in my bed at night. Sometimes, I’d sleep with mother & father, all tucked away between them. Other times, they’d get angry & tell me to go back to bed.
Like a good little girl, I’d do as I was told & retrieve to my monster invested room. But this isn’t how…it started. The event that was so horrific happened just a week after we moved in. I was upstairs playing with toys while mother & father were tending to the flower garden in the back. Directly below me, as if it was in the floorboards, I heard the sound of something rustling. Confused & curious I went downstairs to investigate. Now the noise sounded as if it was coming from underneath the stairs. I knew there was a door there but I never had the courage to open it.
But here I stood, palms sweaty & heart pulsating in fear. As I reached for the glistening yellow knob, I heard it.
“Come & play with me. Look behind this door.” Said a voice. It was old & raspy, like that of an old man’s. but it had this…tone to it. Masking behind the raspy was something evil & demonic. I quickly pulled my hand back & stood there.

“Come…my child. Open the door & I’ll show you a world of wonder!” Terrified, I ran outside & hugged father’s leg tight, quaking in fear. My parents were quite concerned & took thirty minutes out of their day to try & sooth me. Once the hiccups grew soft & the tears dried on my cheeks, I told them about the voice behind the door below the stairs.
They both looked at the other then back at me. Father let out a nervous laugh & told me it was just my imagination. The idea of being in a new house was overwhelming, that my mind was playing tricks on me. In my stubborn & childish way, I didn’t believe him. I knew what I heard.
Later that night, the voice was back again…except it was louder & more angry.
“Come down now, Little Girl! Don’t make me come up there!” I was frozen in fear to say the least. I didn’t want to come down nor did I want him to come up. Finally, I crawled out of bed & clambered downstairs. The door was wide open. Inside it was pitch black, like a never ending abyss of impending doom. It wasn’t long until an arm, covered in dirty rags & grime grabbed me by the ankle & yanked me inside.

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    AKA What Would Have Happened to Harry Potter if his Letter Never Came

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