The Clone
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Hello again,

I’m here again with another true story. When this happened to a family nanny and I, we were in shock and just plain mind boggled. It really showed us another side of the after life.

My father’s house has been haunted since we moved in about 10 years ago. It just never bothered us because we are a very open-minded family and we believe in these kind of things. So far we know of 3 spirits, though one is a lot more active than the others. There is the spirit of a little baby, which is sad to even think about. There is also the spirit of a playful about 5 year old little boy. He just laughs playfully. But then there is the spirit of a man. He is the most active. He opens and shuts cabinet doors, rattles door knobs, knocks on more than one window at once, he whispers in your ear, and many more things. He is just a very active ghost. We dont know if the following story had anything to do with him though.

In 2006 my little brother, Diego, suffered severe brain damage from hitting his head in a head-on collision caused by a drunk driver. He now has half a brain because they removed the half that was dead. He cant talk, walk, or hardly move. But don’t feel sorry for him, because he has progressed so much over the years he is a hero to me. He was only four at the time and now is 10, but he  made me think, if a four year old can have the will and the power to pull through multiple brain surgeries, being split open from the chest down to his pelvic area for 2 weeks to allow his organs to swell properly, all while doctors are telling us to let him go, then i can certainly do anything I put my mind to and I shouldn’t let anything hold me back from doing so. He is lesson to all of us.

Continuing with the story, my father had to leave his job to take care of Diego so he now is paid for that. I have another little brother, Jacob, who lives in the house that I am talking about, the other one is in another city about a hour away because he is in a rehabilitation center. He received enough money from the settlement to buy  a house in the same city he is in so that my dad can take him home in the day time and sometimes he stays overnight also with a nurse there to assist him. My father is curently in classes to train to take on the full time care of my little brother so for now its more like part time.

Well one morning, Jacob, the nanny, my dad and I were at the “haunted” house. It was about 6:30 a.m. My dad was leaving to go to the rehab to pick up Diego. He told us he was leaving, we said ok, and he walked out the door. We heard his truck turn on and pull away. We were in the nanny Tina’s room. We were just watching movies and talking, while Jacob slept. All of a sudden, we heard footsteps. Then a knock on my door which is across the hall. When I didn’t answer my door, the knock came to Tina’s door. Tina said “Come in”. The door opened and it was my dad. He said “I’m so hungry, can you cook me a fast breakfast. I was going to stop some where to eat but i don’t have time”. I said “OK”. He closed the door and he went back outside. He has a barn outside so we thought as usual he was going out there to do whatever it is that men do in those places.

Tina and I made the breakfast together so that we could make more variety in less time. When we were finished Tina said “Go tell your dad that its ready”. I went out to the back porch and said “Pa (spanish word for dad), your breakfast is ready, come eat”. No one answered so I looked over to see if his truck was there. I didnt see his truck there either. I thought maybe he was on the other side of the house and had parked his truck their also. So instead of going over there, I went back inside and told Tina to call him and tell him because I couldnt see him and that he probably couldnt hear me calling for him. She agreed and called him. She told him “your breakfast is ready, we made bacon, eggs, and biscuits.” He was on speaker so I could clearly hear him. He replied “What? What breakfast?”, Tina and I looked at each other confused, then she replied ” Where are you? The breakfast you told us to make.” He said “What? You’re crazy. Im fifteen minutes away from Greenville.” Greenville is where Diego is and like I said before, it takes about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. If this was true he would have been gone for about 45 minutes. Tina explained to him that he had come back inside the house, knocked on my door, then knocked on her door, and told us he was hungry, and to make him breakfast. We were all shocked. So she hung up with him and we began to go over what just happened. It was impossible. We both saw that it WAS MY DAD. He even grabbed his stomach, the same gesture my dad makes when referring to food. Then Tina said “Wait, did you hear your dads truck leave?”, I said “Yea”, and she agreed that she did too. Then she said “Well then did you hear it come back, because I didnt” and I agreed that I hadnt heard it return either. We were just mind-boggled, in disbelief. It just didnt make sense. Did the man ghost mimic my dad to have a little fun with us? I guess we will never know. My dad just laughs about it today. Since that happened, I came up with my own quote. “Impossible is impossible”

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  1. HiGHopes says:

    another good story on SnSS.. coming back to the site after a month or so… lot of good content over here…

  2. Soniya says:

    Wow thats one scary experience…

  3. Chanchal says:

    Nice one “Ana Hernandez”… i like it very much

  4. Soso says:

    good one ana keep righting good stuff and also such a scary thing i wonder if that happend in real life anyways plz keep righting

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