The Cinema
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As a kid, I enjoyed going to the cinemas, not alone but with my family or friends, but one day I decided to go alone. I was thinking of going for a movie marathon in an empty cinema, I mean with no one else but me asĀ it would be relaxing. As I am a cheapskate I went to a run down cinema..the person tending to the ticket stand was very pale..he had such frosty white skin…when he spoke, sounded as soft as death.He gave me the ticket as I walked into the cold empty cinema..the cinema looked scarier than I the movie started..lights started flickering, I suddenly saw a shadow..I thought to myself, isn’t this a rundown cinema where no one goes to….? But all of a sudden..more shadows appeared…sounds of giggles..not any type of giggles..but giggles of little children…I wanted to make a run to the exit but the door just slammed..the giggles got louder..the cinema screen started to tear..I was so frightened. I quickly hid underneath the cinema’s seat..and I heard a girl saying, “I’m going to find you hee-hee” I tried my best as I struggled to crawl to the exit..and when I was the near the exit I felt a cold hand on the door knob it was the person standing on the ticket stand! He said, how is our service? it seemed as if he couldn’t see what was going on! I quickly called for a cab and went straight home…I wasn’t able to get that image off my was too scary for it decided to search up the internet for the cinema again..and when I searched it said that this cinema no longer exists…it was completely demolished because of a terrorist attack…a girl died..and the rest was severely injured..I thought to myself..then what did I see today…the girl’s laughter kept echoing in my mind..”heeheeheehee”

As I thought that the nightmare couldn’t be any worst I decided to get a glass of water from the kitchen…and went to look at the mirror..but what I saw in the mirror was not my was a girl..a girl with long brown hair..with dark eyes filled with no emotions staring right at me…as I felt a cold chill down my back…I tried to run away..but something was preventing me from felt like I had chains on my legs. ..and then I heard the same laughter..”heeheeheehee” that was when I realized that some places are best not to go to..when it’s empty and deserted.
Especially if it is a cinema..
there was no turning back for me now..that was what I thought until I turned back..and saw the girl looking right at me repeating these words, “forbidden,forbidden,its forbidden,its could you” and she suddenly screamed ..”HOW COULD YOUU!”

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