The Cannibal
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“Hurry up, Hurry up!” I saw it right here. The two boys
wondered in the forest. They came upon a dark gloomy looking shed.

“Hey, let’s stay here tonight bro, it’s like two in the morning
and I don’t know how to get back we’ll find out where we are tomorrow. Okay?” whispered

“Wait woah woah woah. We don’t know if anyone lives here.” Said

“It’s like halfway crumbled to the damn ground. No one lives
here, or at least not in, two-hundred frickin years.”

“Well whatever, I rather stay here than outside wondering
around the Pennsylvania wilderness. I swear I saw a giant looking man thing. I can’t
describe it other than like eight feet walked like a man and had something in
its hand. It looked like he had a hat on.” Danny said explaining the figure of
what he thinks is a man.

“Woah that’s messed up but, I think it’s your screwed up imagination.”

The two boys wondered around the old shed house. It was
quite small it had only one bed and some candles along with a desk. It looked
like nothing has been touched sense the early 1800’s. The bed was old, older than
any bed they’ve ever seen. They lit a match with the very few they had on them,
and went to bed on the small hay bed.

Jesse woke
up to a rustling noise under the floor boards. “Danny, Danny.”

“What?” Danny said with a nagging groan.

“Do you hear that noise?” There was an odd pause then Danny
perked his head to the unexplainable noises.

“Do you think it’s the thing you saw?” Jesse suggested.

“Hell no. you said it yourself, it’s just my fucked up

“Why are you getting defensive?!?!?”

“I’m not!” cried Danny I just wanna get through the damn
night and get home, this is really messing with my mind, I’m sick of this bullshit. If someone’s messing with us I’m gunna find out who!”

The boys continued to hear noises throughout the night. They
tried to get to sleep but they simply couldn’t. Knowing that something’s out
there, they were paranoid. Any sound they heard they jumped if one of them made
a move they jumped. The boys searched the shed for any weapons they could have
used. But what they seeked was not what was found, for they found something
else that surprised them both.

moon was full and the owls hooted. The wind blew the trees back and forth,
Creek, Creek, Creek. The trees made sounds as the floor boards did in the shed

with Danny and Jesse. The boys stood in the back of the shed looking at a hatch
on the ground. Jesse being the stronger one pulled and pulled until it budged.

Stairs led
down to a passage which led to a room of evil and hate. Cages of bodies hung
from the ceiling bodies laid on tables with bite marks in them. Legs, arms,
feet, hands were everywhere. The room smelt of rotten decomposed body parts. The
room was lit by two candles. Tools hung from the wall ropes, bats, hooks, and
wire all were there hanging on the wall just looking at you as if you were
looking into death.

The boys were horrified. They had to get out of there but
just as they were about to go up the stairs. A door slammed shut. Footsteps were
heard from above.

“Shit we gotta hide or were fucked!” Danny trembled.

The two boys hid behind tables of dead bodies. The figure
was now at the bottom of the steps.

“I smell
fresh bloodddddd.” The voice said. It was deep and wicked like a devilish tone.
Jesse peeked out of the corner. What he saw was wicked, it was beyond terrifying.
A man stood there with razor sharp teeth pointed ears and evil eyes. Blacker than
the deepest part of sea and a soul eviler than the devil its self for that was
not a man but a thing. A thing that could not exist, in such a world. He walked
toward the wall and grabbed the hooks.

He whispered in such a twisted voice a chant that they couldn’t
understand like a devil worshiper would say. He came over to the boys, got the
bat and swung. Danny was knocked out and Jesse stood there watching his friend
bleed. The cannibal took the hook and drove it up jesses neck. Blood poured out
of his neck and all over the floor. The cannibal stood over the dead body
cupping his hands to get as much blood as he could. He poured it all over his face
like a cool refreshing drink in the heat of the summer.

woke up strapped to a table. Limbs cut off no legs, no arms. He saw his friend hanging from the ceiling by a rope his neck slit open. He started shouting. The cannibal came
back down in a mask; he held a huge knife in his hand. Without saying a thing
he stabbed it into the center of Danny’s stomach. Blood spewed out of his body.
The cannibal licked the bloody body with his pointed tongue. He reached in the
torso with his ragged long nails and pulled out Danny’s heart. Blood dripped
down as  the “thing” took a huge bite
into the heart  his mouth with bloody
with flesh in between his teeth as he screamed a devilish roar that echoed
through the eerie night sky.

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  1. belinda k says:


    good job but you might want to check your words. It’s ‘wander’ thru something not ‘wonder’ thru.

  2. Cam says:

    ahha opps i didnt really pay attention when goin over it…

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