The Bride of Wreck-It Ralph
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One day I was in New York City for a vacation with my cousin, Jessica Richardson. We just got done shopping and other stuff then we came across a arcade that was open until 10:30 pm so we decided to go check it out. When we made it and as we were about to go in, the owner, Mr. Litwak, was nice to open the door for us. The good thing about this arcade is that you can eat and drink while you play any game. So, we decided to get a snack and some drinks. I got some Ranch flavored Pringles and a Dr. Pepper and Jessie got a Coke and some Doritos. We played every game and including the sweet sugar go cart racing game. But Jessie had to go to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I found a game called Fix-It Felix Jr. So I put my headphones on that was attached to my cellphone. I listened to Love Yourself by Justin Beiber as I started to play. As I finished the first level of the game after Wreck -It Ralph fell in the mud, he started to notice that someone was singing. When he looked at the screen, he heard and saw me singing so beautiful that he started to have a crush on me as I saw hearts in his eyes and feeling so lovestruck and I thought it was kinda weird but I just wanted to go with it and sing along to the song on my phone. In Wreck -It Ralph’s mind, he was so curious about my name when he heard it called by my cousin. He thought it was a beautiful name for a woman like me so he decided to make me the woman of his dreams forever.

So as the minutes flew by, Mr. Litwak has let everyone to make Summertime, it’s like Valentine’s Day only in the summertime, but we have to make to the villian. I heard of it I though see that’s too bad it wasn’t a good guy, but Mr. Litwak says it was just for fun. So I made the most beautiful Summertime for Wreck-It Ralph with a poem. After that, it was closing time but Mr. Litwak told us that tomorrow that we will receive a Summertime from the villains of different games. When Ralph heard it, he knew he had to make me the most beautiful gift of all and learn to sing her song.

So Ralph headed towards the Bad-on to tell his friends about his crush. After he told them, Clyde hands him a Summertime from me and he was so happy and his heart was beating fast as he read the poem. So as he was about to get finished with his present for her, he practised singing my song until he got it perfect and recorded it on a DVD and put it together with his gift for me and gave it to his group to deliver it tomorrow morning. As he headed home to his game, he was worried about telling Felix or anyone else so he kept his love a secret.

The next morning, Jessie and I went to the arcade to receive our gifts. As soon as I got my gift from Wreck-It Ralph, I was shocked that it was so beautiful and I couldn’t believe that he sang my favorite song. I wonder how he knew that song. Anyway Mr. Litwak wanted me to spend time with him. I asked Jessie if it was OK and she said yes as long as I be back before the dark. So I went to spend time with Wreck-It Ralph and I had the greatest time of my life.

After that, we went to Sugar Rush while Jessie went to Hero’s Duty with Fix-It Felix. We under a candy cane tree alone and just standing there shooting the breeze. “Shae, now that we’ve been together for a few minutes, there’s something I have to tell you.” Ralph said. “Ralph you can tell me anything.” Please be a YouTuber! Please be a YouTuber! I thought in my head. So Wreck-It Ralph hung a white wedding dress on the limb and kneel to the ground on his knees and pulled out a ring as if he was asking me to marry me. As a matter of fact, he was asking me to marry him. I was shocked to find out and the rule is, when it comes to a relationship, never rush anything so quickly. So I took a deep breath and said this in a nice way. “Look, you’re really a sweet guy but it’s not gonna work out. You’re a game character and I’m a human girl at young age and it’s like what.” Wreck-It Ralph was a little bit upset and said ” I understand. I won’t forget you Shae.” I smiled as he understood me. ” Because I’m gonna kidnap you.”

So I ran out to find Jessie as she heard me running and screaming for my life. As she found me, she held on to means try to calm me down. As I held her tight, when asked what was wrong, I screamed at the top of my voice “HE’S GONNA RAPE ME!!!!!!” When she saw Ralph chasing me with rage, she was shocked and we ran out to the real world. He grabbed my leg as they played tug-a-war with me as rope. “Let go Shae. Be with me so that we can be together forever!” Ralph said pulling me in. “Here’s a thought, go love yourself!” I said as I kicked him and the door to game world closed. And we headed back to our hotel room.

If you go to the arcade and play games, my advice to you is don’t play Fix-It Felix Jr alone and only make Summertime gifts for good guys.

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  1. awesome. but srsly, a gravity falls gnome: “”cause I’m gonna kidnap you.” cx

  2. Avatar of Lavinia Lavinia says:

    omgoddess this is so……..dum really not freaky at all

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