the abused demon ch 2
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The lights flickered on and of as the ground below them began to shake and Jessica yelled in pain. a beam of dark light appeared covering Jessica Jordan covered his eyes with his arm and turned his head away from the light. slowly Jessica got up of the ground and gave Jordan an expressionless look “y-you bastard” she said in a strict low tone. Jordan turned around an gave Jessica a big smile an started to laugh. she went closer to him an lifted up her arm ready to punch him “SO THIS IS A GAME TO U” she swung her arm at him he put one arm in front of his face blocking her hit an pushing her away slightly with the other “hmph I don’t know what your getting so worked up for you little demon u should be glad I gave u this power” he said in a low expressionless tone. ” you destroyed my life how COULD U” she said as she slapped him leaving a red mark on his face. with a surprised look on his face he said “OW that hurt you brat don’t think just because I you’ve grown into some kind of monster you can defeat me” she smirked as she picked up a glass bottle an smashed it over his head. “hmph let me show you what a monster can really do” the bottle broke into pieces sticking into his skin an falling on to the floor, he leaped back as jessica picked up a Peace of glass an tryed to stab him in the throat. “YOU HONESTLY THINK IM GOING TO LET U KILL ME” “hmph who said anything about killing you ?” she said as she slowly took of her jacket an threw it onto the couch. she picked up a long piece of glass an ran towards him “I JUST WANT REVENGE” she said as she slashed his neck with the glass, “IM NOT GONNA LET YOU WIN” he grabbed? her hand an punched her in the stomach repeatedly. as she screamed in pain “I warned u not to get cocky jess” she stabbed him in the back making him release her an fall to the floor. she kicked him in the head as she smirked “time for my revenge brother” she whispered into his ear. she riped open his shirt an put the tip of the glass on his chest “w-what are u d-doing jesse” she lead forward putting her mouth next to his right ear an whispered “getting my revenge” his face turned pale as a ghosts skin an he began to shake. “what’s wrong brother scared?” she asked in a soft sweet voice. “n-n-never you demon” she flipped her hair back an laughed “hahaha sounds like your- she paused. for a second an slowly pushed the glass into his chest gave him a sarcastic smile an started to talk again “scared”

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