The 13th floor
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You all have heard the legend on how the number 13 is unlucky well i didn’t believe until this happened to me something that ill never forget…….. it was the winter time 2005 December 8 it was early in the morning i was off school that day my mother had some important business to take care of so i went with her we took the bus to 34th street and a taxi to the building it was a tall shiny glass building when you look up it was like never ending site i couldn’t believe it. we walked in my mom signed some check-out check-in paper we headed over to the elevator a man came in with two other people.It was a small elevator so it was a bit squished my mom and the man were talking as the two other ladies where talking taking sips of coffee.I had nothing to do so the ladies left on the third floor i could finally breathe again. I notice the buttons and how there wasn’t a number 13 it went like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14………It was weird i didn’t know how to explain myself my mom told me she had to go to the 18th floor and that’s where adults (18+) only could go. My mom told me that i would have to go on the 5th floor which is a kids area i was 11 not 4 i thought.So she left i gave her a hug and as i turned around you wont believe what i saw…… THE NUMBER 13 THE BUTTON i almost screamed but i didn’t let anything come out it was terrifying the button 13 was not there the last time i checked but now its there i wanted to press it so bad but i just stood in the elevator staring at the button i pressed it bad idea i know the elevator moved down along with my stomach my organs were twisting i knew it wasn’t the right feeling no human been should feel like this i was going to die.The doors open i was relieved it look like a regular floor so i stepped out walking down the hallways there was a door unlike the rest it was black and wide open all the other doors were cream with a gold knob on the door but this one was black with a silver knob i walked in it was the dumbest choice ever.When i walked in it was dark i saw of switch so i turned it on BAM it was a loud sound i turned behind me the door had shut and locked BY ITSELF i literally started sweating i wanted to get out i wished i would’ve went to the children’s place on the 5th floor not here i walked around a bit the lights flickered then shut off as i walked father i heard whispers i tried not to scare myself by crying so i kept walking i heard a scream like a woman scream i ran to the door it was shut i slumped down and started to cry i felt that feeling as if someone was watching you like a death stare i looked up and there was a woman her neck was crooked and i white bloody gown “CRAP” i thought to myself the door was locked and she was in front of me i couldn’t go anywhere she was glitching meaning she went one place and glitched to another.I banged on the door screaming help. I knew it was real but i wanted to think it was no real.I felt a touch on my shoulder i turned around and it was what looked like my mother hugged her but when i got done hugging her i looked up and it wasn’t my mother it was a creepy messed up face i slowly walked away from the the thing my heart fell to my feet i could feel hot breath on me i hide my face i could feel a death stare and breath it was hot but it was cold,mean,cruel it wasn’t normal it was supernatural i was going to die no joke. i shook the door until it fell down i ran out hoping that the thing wasn’t following me i press nearly all the buttons it opened and i presses the first floor i saw my mother and ran to her and hugged her so tight i didn’t want to come back it was a evil place to be……………………

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