Supernatural Intervention
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It was a cold winter’s night as Tina waited at the bus-stop. 20 minutes went by when she realised she was waiting in vain. Tina weighed up her options; either she continued waiting for the bus or she could walk to the subway where she knew she was sure to catch a train home. Delaying the decision was taking her later into the night and standing alone at the deserted bus-stop made her nervous. Murphy’s law would have it that she had forgotten to charge her phone at the office and now the battery was dead. Putting an end to her procrastination, Tina began her 30 minute brisk walk to the subway, grateful for the long leather jacket, scarf, gloves and high boots that shielded her from the cold.

10 minutes into the walk she turned into a dark alley hearing only the sound of her heels clicking on the cement. As the dark alley loomed ahead of her she became aware of the sound of footsteps behind her. Tina quickly glanced over her shoulder but saw only darkness behind her, so she pressed on towards the end of the alley. Again she heard the footsteps behind her this time much closer so she stopped and spun around. There standing 5 feet behind her, was the outline of a man’s figure. The figure began to walk towards her. Tina froze, a quiver rand down her spine and her thoughts began to race.

As the man approached Tina he greeted her. Tina was surprised to hear the tone of his voice was gentle. He introduced himself as Gabriel and said, “my friends call me Gab.” She could not quite understand why, but he had a calming effect on her and his voice was quite hypnotic. He told her that he was on his way to the subway. Tina’s heart rate began to slow and felt safe enough to walk along side Gab as he spoke. When they reached the end of the alley they walked under a street lamp, Tina saw that Gab was about 6.4, with broad shoulders. He had long blonde hair and gentle blue eyes. He wore a long black cloak, which reminded Tina of Dracula. If she had met Gabriel under different circumstances she would have laughed at the whole situation.

As Tina and Gab were nearing the subway they approached the undercarriage of an abandoned bridge. When they were quarter way under the bridge they heard voices behind them. Three shady, rough looking guys were walking towards them. One of them gave a long wolf whistle and said, “Now that’s what I call a fine piece of meat.” Another two guys began to approach them from the opposite side trapping Tina and Gab under the bridge. Both parties moved towards them uttering profanities as to what they were going to do to her. They formed a circle around Tina and Gab, two of them drew out their knives and started taunting Tina. She was paralysed by fear and began to tremble. Gab stepped towards her put his finger on his lips to motion for her to be quiet and told her to close her eyes. Too frightened to do anything else Tina did as Gab instructed, the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was Gab spreading out his arms, his long black cloak looked like two large wings as they rose above and encased her.

Tina stood perfectly still, too afraid to breath. Surrounded by silence she eventually opened her eyes. Gab and her where standing under the bridge alone, her assailants were gone. Tina was at a loss for words. Gab gently took her by the arm and said, ‘shall we get going, we don’t want to miss our train.’

As the train pulled out of the station, Tina began to relax but that was short lived as a disturbing looking man walked into the compartment and sat opposite her. He wore round rimmed glasses that were too small for his face, his hair was dirty and unkept. He wore a drab raincoat that was two sizes too big for him. He kept on staring at Tina, looking at her with so much hate and disgust. He then put his right hand in his pocket and pulled out a gun. Pointing it at Tina he said, “This is entirely your fault, if you had not left me I would never have done what I did.” Confused and shocked, Tina could not believe this was happening!!

As Gab stood up to approach the man, the compartment was flooded with darkness. Tina could not see anything in front of her but heard what she thought sounded like flapping wings and then a terrified scream. She heard whispering and more screams. Then there was silence, to her relief the lights came back on and Gab was sitting next to her but the man in the drab raincoat was cowering in the corner of the compartment, sobbing and cradling his head in his hands. When the train stopped at the next station he bolted out the doors not looking in Tina’s direction. But Tina did look at him and saw that he had soiled his pants. Tina turned to Gab and said. “What scared him so?” Gab replied, “I am not sure, but someone put the fear of God in him.”

As they approached the front gate to Tina’s house she turned to thank Gabriel for accompanying her all the way home but he was gone. Puzzled she stood for a while trying to understand what had just happened. When Tina walked through the front door her mother hurried towards her asking frantically, “Where have you been? I have been going out of my mind with worry. I tried your phone several times and all I got was your voice mail.” Jane greeted her mother and apologised for been late but was too exhausted to explain everything that had happened that evening and just said, “Don’t worry Mother, I am fine, all I want is a hot bath to wash the day away and climb into my warm bed’. Her mother kissed her on her head and replied, “Well I am glad you are home safe, your guardian angel must be working overtime.”

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