Strangers in the Light
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The morning sun rose slowly and hazily through the fog. The dripping trees, left and right of the rising crown of the sun, was framed by my small window and looked like a painted image on the stark and simple walls of my dwelling. My habitat’s thick walls kept out the morning cold as best they could but I knew that I’d have to build a fire soon if I didn’t want to become ill and if I wanted to eat something hot. I covered myself as best I could and opened my front entry to face the morning frost. I stepped out and, looking up through the fog, took in a deep breath of the cool misty air. I started to cough from deep within my chest. I bent over from the pain of this fit that I was in and felt my face flushing blue. I fell back against the stack of cut wood and tried to catch my breath again while the dizziness caused my head to swirl. “Boy, that wasn’t a good idea!”, I said to the cut logs. I picked myself up slowly, grabbed what served my purpose and sauntered back to the fireplace.
Seizing a large kettle which leaned up against the wall under the small window, I thought about what to prepare for myself. Fortunately, there was no rush to decide because, as is the habit in these parts, there was nothing to do today anyway. I decided on a hearty first meal as my father’s father prepared for us when he was alive and I believed that I remembered correctly all procedure and ingredients even though that was many moons ago. So, I lit up a strong fire that crackled more than it burned but which served its purpose and generated the heat required to get that big old kettle cooking. I picked up the jug full of the oil I had prepared five moons before and filled the kettle half-full. I tickled the burning coals with the long, hard poker, placed it next to the fireplace, picked up my large cutting tool and began dicing up the animal which I intended to devour in just the mode that my father’s father did. The sun burned through the misty fog and bright light now entered through my “picture” window. The dwelling began to warm up and, coughing less, I continued to work and feel better and stronger.
Since I always eat my meals sitting down, I retain what I need while eating on a very ingenious invention of mine which I had carved out of a block of wood with my cutting gear. I don’t know what to call it, but it has everything I need to sit and eat comfortably.  Under it, I keep that plate of mine given to me by my mother’s father which serves its purpose while eating. I bent under my invention in order to get my plate.
As I looked down, I was blinded momentarily by a reflection of light which bounded off a silver object which I had never seen before in my dwelling. It startled me and I shook my head to wake up and determine whether its presence was real or an after-effect of my coughing fits. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that it was both real and of considerable dimension. It was an oval shape of shiny silver more rotund at its middle than at its upper and lower extremities. It had a rounded top with a face of shiny gold glass and, although it hadn’t yet moved, I noticed two arms and legs. Its height came up to my knee. On its back was a type of white box and on its arms it had some kind of symbols which I could make no sense of.
Fear gripped me as I examined the creature and I decided to allow it the first move. I felt distinctly that it was studying me as well and I couldn’t relax for the apprehension of what its first move might be. I began having second thoughts in this silence and, when it began emitting some strange kind of sound, I knew it was time to act. I was just a step away from the fireplace and, in one swooping motion, I grabbed the long, hard poker. The creature made a run for the exit of my habitat but I was too quick and, in one hard stroke, I caught it from behind. It made a swish type of sound as its skin opened and it fell on its face and remained still. “I’m not that stupid”, I thought, so, to be sure it was killed, I gave it a good kick and sent the little creature against one of my thick walls. A red liquid which quickly turned blue painted its silver coat and I acted quickly to wrap it up in something I found in the area where I sleep and I threw the motionless creature out of my small window. As I caught my breath, I wondered to myself where that strange living thing had come from. I had seen many animals around my environment but never anything of the kind. I tried to imagine how it had entered my dwelling without my realizing it. Then I noticed that my exit wasn’t fully closed and left a small open space which the creature had taken advantage of to enter my habitation. Suddenly, a shadow passed from left to right in front of the open space. My goodness! It was still alive! Or were there TWO of them!?

Where did I put that poker? I saw it on the floor of the sleeping area. Should I slam the door shut or run to my right and pick up the poker? Could I get there in time before the living thing entered the opening? If there are more than one, I’ll need that poker, so I made a dash for it and then slammed my body against the door closing it tightly.
Silence. I listened for a sound. Nothing. Then, suddenly, from outside my small window, I heard certain movements. I ran to it and peered out carefully so as not to be seen. I saw another creature dragging the lifeless one away towards the trees. So, there were TWO of them! When they disappeared from my view, I decided that I had to venture outdoors and kill the second one before it somehow took revenge on me. I put a cutting tool in my belt and walked outside with poker in hand. I slowly made my way to the corner of my habitation on my right and peered at the spot under my window where I saw only that thing in which I had wrapped up the first one.
At that instant, something jumped onto my back! It was the second one which had climbed on top of my dwelling and was now on my back plunging a small type of cutting device into my shoulders. The pain was great, but I fought it off valiantly and threw it onto the ground. Suddenly, a sharp pain struck me from behind. It was a THIRD creature which somehow was attacking me with a ray of green light which partially paralyzed my left leg. I was being assaulted and was fighting for my life! I launched my poker at the third creature and struck it across its plump middle when, from behind one of the trees to my right, I saw a FOURTH living thing beaming its green ray in my direction. The pain was excruciating as it struck my left hand, but I managed to dive back into my quarters and close the entrance. I had escaped their assault on me, but I knew that others would soon follow and that now I’d have to face them without my poker. My cutting device remained in my belt, but in order to use it, I’d have to get physically close to the creatures and withstand those beams of painful green light. Three against one were not favorable odds to be against, but I promised to teach those trespassers a good lesson.
Simultaneous noises now came from outside my small window, behind the entry and above me. I filled a container with some hot oil and, holding it with my left hand, I took a flaming piece of wood with my other hand. I slowly exited my dwelling inlet and I spotted one of the creatures walking around the right corner of my abode. I turned left and looked carefully up and on every side as I made my way around the dwelling. I finally came upon two of them waiting at the far corner looking to their left expecting me to arrive from that direction. From behind them, I ran at the unsuspecting living things, threw the hot oil onto their silver skin and set them ablaze with the flaming piece of wood. They both rolled around on the field in flames and I distinctly heard one swishing sound as I ran back to my habitat entry.  I saw one silver creature still glowing but I couldn’t see the other. Was it still alive?
Oh, my goodness! A fierce pain hit me on my right side and I quickly turned to see a silver creature striking me with its green beam of painful light. I jumped back and fell striking my head onto the pavement. Stunned for a moment, I then took my sitting invention and hurled it at that living thing as it renewed its aggression on me. Again struck in the back, I conquered the excruciating pain to make my way to the two trees where I collapsed in the high millet. I didn’t have time to rest when a saw a silver and gold object of discreet size perched there in a location that was hidden from my window view of the field. It had all types of symbols on it and occasionally a noise came out of it. So, THIS is how those creatures arrived at my field! Where were these strangers from? Before I could hypothesize an answer, I turned to my right and saw a heavy cutting contraption which I use for the wood and I picked it up for self-defense. I slowly approached the object.
Noises suddenly started coming out of it which startled me and I reacted by bringing down my heavy cutter onto its shell with no motivation other than to totally destroy the silver and gold shape. Its red, white and blue rectangle with stars and stripes near a window made for a good target and I hit it repeatedly. As it made those swishing sounds I had heard earlier, I struck it with greater force. Then, as it made more strange sounds which, phonetically, sounded like “abort mission, abort mission”, I took my heavy cutter and hit another symbol “NASA” until the silver and gold object of those silver living things with gold glass faces was completely destroyed!
The End

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  1. Avatar of chinook chinook says:

    I hope the identity of WHO is an alien and not is clear to understand.
    The “strange” language used should give this clue.

  2. Kendra says:

    This was great! I could picture it all unfolding. Very nice. And yes, it was clear that they were aliens. Lol.

  3. Avatar of chinook chinook says:

    Kendra, so happy you enjoyed this; by the by, the little aliens are American astronauts. The narrator is some kind of giant living who knows where.

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