Screams, Shrieks and Gunshots
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A half naked woman lays unconscious, wearing only a dirty pair of white cotton panties and t-shirt. She is awkwardly sprawled out on a filthy bare twin mattress that rest directly on a cold concrete floor. A faint unseen light exposes scratches and dirt smudges on her arms and legs. Leaves and debris decorate her hair like Christmas ornaments.

She gradually slips into consciousness and opens her eyes, but doesn’t move. She surveys her surroundings with blurry vision, confused and searching her memory for answers, but coming up empty. Rising to a seated position, she immediately grabs her head in pain. It takes a few moments, but the pain subsides and her vision clears. She can now see that she is in some sort of crude chamber. The room is solid concrete on three sides and squared iron bars on the fourth. The room is empty, except for the mattress and of course, her. She finds one other thing in the far corner, shrouded in darkness; a thick metal chain bolted to the wall. Curiously she follows it, link by link, as it makes it way towards her. She quickly stands to reveal the chain wrapped and locked around her waist. She jerks and tugs at it, like a fish on a hook, in a futile attempt to break free. She flails and screams like a wild animal until she exhausts herself and plops down on the mattress in defeat. She is on the verge of tears when she sees a man on the other side of the bars.

A large man sits calmly in a dimly lit hallway. He cradles a Mossberg 500 pistol grip shotgun, like an infant as he observes her quietly. She grabs the bars, pleading and begging to be let go. “Why are you doing this to me? Please let me go, I promise I won’t tell anyone, please”, she pleads.

The man remains seated, unmoved by her words. His face is serious and unforgiving as he stares directly into her eyes. He leans the gun against the wall and slowly walks towards the bars, looking down on her with sinister delight. She slowly sinks to the ground as if his stare alone has a physical weight. Devilish excitement fills the man’s eyes as fear fills hers.

“Why are you doing this to me. What do you want from me?”, she asks timidly.

He continues to observe her in silence. His eyes explore her curiously. He leans in closer and says, “I want to know the easiest way to kill you.” His voice is deep and heavy and the words cause her to panic. She scurries backwards like a crab, trying to get as far away from him as possible. His excitement grows at the sight and he hungrily licks his lips. He paws at a newly formed bulge in his pants as his eyes trace the contours of her thighs.

“Please don’t, I just wanna go home”, she says. He kneels, never taking his eyes off of her. “And where exactly is home”, he replies. She can only answer with a pleading look.

“Tell me where home is and I’ll unchain you and let you go,” he says in an antagonizing tone. Her eyes dart back and forth, searching every corner of her memory, but she can only come up with “Please”. His irritation grows as he lashes out, raising his voice, ” Please what? Let you go? Do you know how much trouble you were for me to find? Do you know how dangerous this is? Of course you do, you’re not stupid.” He returns to his calm state as he runs his hand over several days worth of salt and pepper stubble. His hands work in tandem, one rubbing his chin and the other occupied with massaging the lump in his pants.

He unzips his zipper and her eyes widen as she devotes her full attention to his zipper. Her breathing increases as her eyes swell with tears. He reaches inside of the dark opening and pauses. “Do you know what’s gonna happen next?” She pulls her knees to her chest. He pulls his hand from the dark cavern with a fully erect middle finger.

She erupts in a screaming tantrum, “Please, somebody help me!”

He laughs out loud. “Don’t bother. I been doing this a long time and help never comes. You are going to be number 59…” His face lights up with child like excitement. “..and you know what, every time feels like the first. I’m just as afraid as you are”, he adds.

He zips his pants back up, still laughing. “Do you really think I would stick my dick in you? Give you a chance to hurt me and get away? I mean, you are pretty damn good looking. If only you were normal, I might be fucking you and not killing you. But you can stop the act though, I’m not fooled by it,” he says.

Nervously he paces back and forth, lost in the sick anticipation of thing to come. She continues to plead, “I don’t understand what you want. Why are you doing this”. He stops dead in his tracks and turns his head towards her, once again staring her down, his expression is now wild and rabid. He presses his face between the bars and roars out, “You are all the same. You never give me what I want. You just pretend to be so fucking helpless…”, his voice lowers to a whisper, “But I know what you really are, I can see you and I’m gonna kill as many of you as I can.”

At first she shies away from his imposing gaze, but her terror slowly melts away and is replaced by a smug grin. She stands, confidently. “You are right, I remember everything. But you are wrong about one thing, you didn’t find me, we found you”, she says arrogantly.

His expression goes slack as he backs away from the bars. “We?”, he asks rhetorically. Silently she stares him down with a flat smugness. He quickly grabs the gun and spins back, pointing it at her face. She continues to stare. “You are full of shit, you bitch. No one knows where you are”, he barks. He jabs the gun at her punctuating his point.

A group of howling shrieks fill the night and race down the hallway. He jumps at the sound and spins, turning his attention towards the empty hallway. Long shadows slide down the floor and walls as several figures make their way closer. He steps back, his back hitting the bars. She quickly seizes him, wrapping her arms around his body. She presses her face between the bars and whispers, “Tell me something. What is the easiest way to kill you?” Her teeth sink into his shoulder, growling and shaking her head like a starving animal. He screams, shooting randomly at the creatures as they quickly fill the hallway. Screams, shrieks, and gunshots playfully dance in harmony, and then silence.

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  1. velma golden says:

    Good story, as far as I can tell was she a werwolf,female, or something else.

  2. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    Ahh, nice set up. Very meaty buildup. Delicious ending. Fine, professional grade horror story. I could nit-pick but I wont. I will say it is one of the better stories that I have read in shortnscarystories. Keep up the good work. Good luck as a writer and thank you. :)

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