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I was only three years old, me and my mom had just moved into a new house. My mom was pregnant? with my little sister (Cindy). One day my dad was playing race cars with me and we heard a loud scream, we RAN to the bottom of the stairs and found my mom face down unconscious in a pool of blood. my dad picked her up and we ran five blocks down to the nearest hospital. When we got there they put her on oxygen and had to do an emergency surgery and cut Cindy out because of the damage my mom had gotten from the fall I heard them say it was highly unlikely for her to survive.

They put her in a white blanket and sat her down in something that kinda looked like a clear box only it had wheels at the bottom. they rolled her into a big white room. After that my mom was unresponsive and the doctors declared her dead. my dad broke down in tears and started crying. I didn’t like seeing my dad that way so I ran over to give him a hug but the doctor said “young man how about we step outside for a minute to give your daddy some private time’.I nodded and he took my hand and lead me to the hallway “can I see my baby sister now” I asked in a sad voice he gave me a smile and said of course.

He lead me to the white room where my sister and about thirteen other babies were. but when we got there I frozen in fear at what I saw, Cindy. was screaming at the top of her lungs covered in this red liquid almost like Blood. the other babies were covered in the same liquid but they didn’t move or cry or whine they lay there silently. almost like?l-like they w-were dead. there was a nurse in the corner with her hands over her ears singing a weird song but I couldn’t hear the words. the doctor ran in to check the babies heart an perform CPR by the terrorized look on his face I could tell they were, he helped the nurse up and lead her out of the room she fell to her knees on the floor beside me still softly singing the song while I just stared at Cindy in horror.

I could hear the doctor shouting over her and covering his ears “STOP SCREAMING Cindy Everything IS ALRIGHT STOP SCREAMING” but that only made it worse she let out a scream so loud I covered my ears and began to cry. blood started to come out of her mouth an the doctor fell to the floor in shock singing the same lullaby like song the nurse was I was filled with sadness anger confusion I was only three I didn’t know what to do so I slowly walked towards Cindy uncovering my ears an picked her up using my jacket sleeve to wipe away her blood and rocking her. staring into her deep brown eyes I said. softly “shhhh? Cindy big brothers here stop screaming”

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